letter twenty-nine to gioia and book twelve

my dearest,

welcome to december, the last month of not only this year, but of this specific project. welcome to advent, to the time where everything sparkles and twinkles, where it’s somehow okay to eat cookies and drink mulled wine every single day and every one is stressed in the most excited way. like always, it feels like there are tons of things to get done either before christmas/the year ends – i wish i had time today to stay at home and reminisce, sort through photographs, make something out of that pile of ticket stubs…alas, work and exam preparations and whatnot call, so that’ll have to be postponed to another day.


despite still being very busy, the ratio of work and study related things to things i do for leisure is a bit more balanced than it has been the last couple of weeks. on tuesday i had the pleasure of being invited to foy vance’s concert at the papiersaal by lovely louanne (apart from being incredibly accurate, that has a nice ring to it, no?). at a dinner of pasta she told me all about her weekend in paris and just as she had finished, it was time to go. the next two hours were filled with some of the most honest music i have experienced – from the americanized version of she burns that had me in tears (of laughter) to the guy right behind us that sang harmonies to every song to the goosebumps i had when ryan mcmullan joined in on guiding light, it was incredible.

the rest of the week was made up of taking photographs of the last two sports halls in our series, sorting through way too many pictures of said halls and trying to compile them into groups of two or three for the presentation on friday. we were rewarded with a “bravo” – a pretty good start to the weekend i’d say.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


as you know, i worked at bookbinders yesterday. it was good to be back, even if only for one day. straight after work, i hopped on the train to basel where i was meeting the bbd ladies from basel for the traditional mulled wine & burger evening. going with the tradition, i ordered exactly the same burger as the last time (brie and bacon with arugula and fig mustard) and savored the hell out of it. and then i hopped on another train back to zurich.

so here i am and the only thing left to do is the introduction of our book for december. we decided on this one quite some time ago and without a lot of discussion. it felt right then and it feels right now, so without further ado, i present to you: ‘a christmas carol’, by the one and only charles dickens. despite it being such a classic, neither of us have read it and agreed straight away it was high time to do exactly that. dickens’ ghost story of christmas was first published in 1843 and has since never been out of print, adapted to film, theatre, etc. many, many times over the years. are you ready for some scrooginess?

i sure am!




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