letter thirty-one to rahel: ’tis the season to be jolly?

ho ho ho, my favourite little elf,

as i type this, i am listening to today’s fairytale you just sent me (don’t worry, i can do both), and me oh my, do i love our märlväntskaländer. it’s truly in the top 5 of my favourite traditions, i’d say.

when i last wrote to you, i was on my way see marion and yoann and, at long last, baby eden, and all i can say is that it has only strengthened the notion in me that you should have babies as soon as humanly possible (i.e. in nine-ish months). that’d be lovely, thanks. in that same week, my third date of the dating serious happened, where i took marco to a medieval nightfall banquet (i know i already sent you the video of where the took him on stage to dance, but i just must reiterate once more that it was one of the greatest sights i ever have been granted in my short life). the day after that, we made our way to south london (south of the river. oooh.) where, after we had hot chocolate i had prepared at home (just as i told you last night with a generous handful of marshmallows(i have stopped the recording by the way. i’d rather savour it)) on the playground of a little park, we made our way through a magical wardrobe and an enchanted forest to a secret cinema, where, seated on beanie bags like kings and queens, we enjoyed a festive showing of “elf”, which i had never seen before and enjoyed a lot more than i had anticipated. after we got back, we threw on more christmas films (namely “the holiday” and “gremlins”, during the latter of which we both fell aslumber) to get ourselves in as much of a holiday-y mood as one possibly can.

doesn’t it look just right?

all snuggled up (are you disgusted yet?)

one of the stalls at the italian food market the backyard cinema is part of

on saturady i went to a party at esther’s, where marco, millie (esther’s cat who fell madly in love with my nasebär), and myself were utterly unsocial and spent our evening cuddled up on the sofa in a living room otherwise devoid of people. yay for being antisocial. sunday was a sunny day, so we travelled up to chesham, marco’s hometown, and took his car to wendover woods, where we went for a cold but beautiful walk and took the probably cheesiest photo i have ever featured on (i love it, obviously). on monday it was time for yet another date (we’re really going for it); this time ’round, marco had to plan a perfect date for me, and he truly did do well, with a cheese tasting (we took it very seriously indeed. our favourite was a truly divine snowdonia port and brany cheddar, which scored an impressive 8.7), soup, taking me on the london eye (well, not actually taking me on it. there were other people in the gondola) and then finishing off with another night at the magic circle. well done, sugarplum. well done. on tuesday, we went for a little stroll around hamleys (which is buzzing this time of the year) and harrods, the food section of which marco was highly impressed with.

Photo 04-12-2016, 15 39 48.jpg
did i promise too much?

the aforementioned cheese is second from the front in the left row. in case anyone cares. 

millie and i not amused. feat. my new christmas jumper

wednesday was another gig with james, although i wasn’t really in the mood, especially for the sodding christmas medley, which was over six minutes long, all with the same chords and beat, but i put on a happy face and still enjoyed myself a lot more than i would have just sitting at home by myself.

and then thursday. the day i had been waiting for for over a year. the day on which i’d see part i of “harry potter and the cursed child”. i didn’t have very high expectations after having read (and disliked) the play with and to you earlier this year. well, the story was still eh. and some of the acting a tad otp for my personal taste. but oh my, the production of that thing made up for it tenfold. imagine the scene where the phantom takes us into his realms for the first time with all the candelabras appearing out of the mist, and multiply that with a thousand over the course of five hours split up in two. that’s what it felt like. we have to find a way to go see it together. it’s magic. it really is.

pre-play excitement

and now, to the book; as someone who loves christmas, i obviously already knew “a christmas carol” before. i have seen film and cartoon versions of it, all following the same story, which is why i cannot really say anything about the plot, but i am rather enjoying the writing, and am finding it a lot funnier than i had anticipated. which is always a good thing. other than that, i can just agree with you in saying it was a good choice to read this month, and that it might put me into a bit more of a christmassy mood, the lack thereof i complained to you just a couple of hours ago.

right. i need to get back to your story. i hope you’re sleeping tight and i miss you very much.

yours forever,



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