letter thirty-two to rahel: happy hanuta and merry krishna

my dearest, dearest love,

i only just got off of skype, where i spent a delightful two hours talking to you, updating you, being updated, and most notably, making plans. i love making plans with you, because i know that for the most part, we actually follow through with the exciting things we set out to do. one of the things we pretty much finalised is the name and concept of what this blog will be next year (can you believe that it’ll be our fifth year running with our yearlong projects?! (some more successful than others)), and i am really excited about it. i love abditory, reading books with you and talking about them, but i know we won’t suddenly stop embarking on literary adventures as the bibliophile duo we are, so i’m not too worried about suddenly missing that part of my life. au contraire, i feel as though the next blog will bring new experiences and discoveries aplenty. i cannot wait. for all of you readers in the dark (i don’t really know who that would be, seeing as louanne already is informed (lou, i might require your ideas, too)), check this place in a week’s time, as we welcome you to join us on this new journey. also, holidays. i love holidaying with you, and whilst we got some quality time in sweden and london this year, i especially enjoy discovering new places with you, and actually travelling with you, as opposed to “just” being stationary in a foreign place. i shall try and keep my excitement at bay (jinxing and all), but even the thought of it working out makes my heavy heart aflutter.


seeing as we just spoke for quite awhile and i updated you on most of what has been going on, i shall once again use pictures to illustrate my past week or so, if you don’t mind.


a couple of little snippets of “eight dates for great mates”‘s penultimate date (the one i planned for myself) and the final one (the one marco planned for himself):


we MUST go to “draughts” basically yesterday. after some lavish brunchin’ the date’s first official stop was at this board café game, where a fiver(!) gives you unlimited access to the establishment’s incredible selection of 720(!!!) games, ranging from board game classics such as cluedo (kludo) and monopoly, over to our very own fave jazzy (i.e. yahtzee (but what kind of stupid name is that?)) all the way to modern card games like cards against humanity. we spent a solid four hours quizzing, counting, losing our minds over complex rules and having a good ol’ blast.

the next stop was some raclette, which marco had never had. we rounded the meal off with some splendid fondue. because more cheese is always better. safe to say marco bloody loved it and i kindly asked my mum to bring me some raclette cheese so we can make our own back at mine.

the english national ballet’s rendition of tchaikovsky’s “nutcracker” was beautifully christmassy and reminded me of how much i love going to the ballet.

a lil’ snap of date eight (rhyme), sky garden style, feat. my understated christmas jumper.

and just like that, the holidays were upon us.

marco and i anteponed (yes. totally) our gift-exchange, and swapped presents on the evening of the 22nd. i have already told you about his gift for me, and sent you the very photo depicted below, but this must be seen by the world, so here it is again. the wand, with my name engraved, a magnet attached to the tip, followed by a bowl of tiny little bottles to the bottom of which he glued magnets, so they can be attracted by the wand, and each filled with a little note with a memory. my very own pensieve.

i mean. i’m basically still crying.

i made him some macarons as a part of his gift. lame in comparison.

before i even realised, it was friday, and my whole family (i.e. schmaunzi, tükoblino, fienchen, gänschen, nothahn and juliane) flew their lovely asses over to the capital to spend christmas and hanukkah (or parts of it) with me. we had rented a massive house plus tommy the cat. what followed were three splendid days of food and games (yes. my family played games. without my having to force them) and lazing about. pretty much everything i could ask from a hanukkah celebration.


squad goals (i didn’t catch marco groping me. his hand is in my coat pocket)

photo-23-12-2016-20-08-32tommy and my new cat dress

pure bliss (especially on sugarhunk’s face)

bobble selfie

photo-25-12-2016-18-35-53the ginormous roast dinner we had at a local pub on christmas day (our celebrations took place on christmas eve)

post-celebration exhaustion

everyone bar liam left on monday, so livo and i spent a couple of days of quality sibling time, comprising of a visit to the tate modern’s new building (which liam had tons of interesting information about), five guys, takeout and horrendous films, namely “lavalantula”, which is as bad as it sounds and totally should have been called “tarantulava”

Processed with VSCO with b3 presetartsy fartsy


last but not least, el libro. my last conclusion of the last book of this project. well, there isn’t much to conclude, really; the book fit the season, the story has a lovely message, and i gave it an extra star for being a classic. i can definitely imagine reading it to sophia’s great-great-greatgrandchildren, when the time is ripe. a lovely final read and that’s it.


i love you and and planning with you and doing things with you and so forth. ok. bye.

yours forever,





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