new year, new project, and the first task for rahel

hello 2017, hello psunki, hello whoever may be reading this,
i have been burdened with the challenging task of writing the introduction to our new blog. well, same blog, new concept. it seems like yesterday (or maybe the day before yesterday), when we sat in that pub in spitalfield’s market, writing down ingredients and other food-related phrases onto little snippets of paper, later to become the foundation of our very first blog, famelicose. then the second year came, with books and even more food (well, for the first six months at least, seeing as we shamefully abandoned our initial plan of cooking something related to whichever book we had just finished by the end of each month). 

and here we are. third year running, and doing so with yet another concept behind it. ladies and gents, i proudly pronounce snukandinski’s 2017 blog: selcouth. the naming of our yearly projects on this blog has become somewhat of a traditional process, usually consisting of our rummaging through lists of lovely words, ultimately choosing whichever one best fits our idea of the new project. this year, because life is a bitch, we had to do so via skype, which was, whilst not as amusing as the “real deal”, still rather enjoyable. in the end, we decided on selcouth, a word we yet again do not truly know how to pronounce correctly, which means something along the lines of “unfamiliar, strange, rare, and yet marvellous” (and must i say it, we obviously had to assign words to the respective letters, yet again turning it into an acronym we will have forgotten as soon as february rolls around. seeking eagerly, longing collectively, oddly unveiling, triumphantly howling). after all the technical and linguistic stuff, it’s about time i explained what this ominous project actually is. the concept is fairly simple; over the year, rahel and i will take turns in giving each other tasks, which the respective other party has two weeks to complete. said tasks can be enriching, challenging, relaxing, creative, strenuous, basically, whatever we want them to be as long as they’re feasible (although i’d love to tell you to come to london so we can elope to the scottish highlands and open our b&b prematurely). the tasks will overlap, so in the middle of each two-week period when we’re working on completing our own challenge, we’ll also be setting a new one for one another. the plan is to do so on sundays, be let’s be honest, how often do plans like that truly work out? ultimately, the plan is to try and broaden each other’s horizons, opening ourselves up to new experiences, and having an excuse to do things we usually wouldn’t do. 

all that being said, i am hereby also officially giving you your first task, my darling. as it happens, you are currently visiting magpie in the cold north, so i decided to make it something not too difficult, in fact, more easy to achieve in different lands. for the next few weeks i challenge you to eat five new things. they can be a new ingredient, a new version of something you already know (i.e. a norwegian chocolate bar or a foreign flavour of crisps), or a combination of things you already knew but had never enjoyed together before. that should be feasible, no? i obviously demand (oh yes) that you provide photographic evidence of each item or combination thereof (no masterpieces required) and look forward to hearing all about your culinary adventures. 

until then, i hope all is well, i miss you, happy new year (i have a lot to tell you about my new year’s weekend in looe, but i felt like it didn’t fit this semi-formal introduction and therefore has to wait until the next post), and i love you. 

yours annually (and a bit more often than that),


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