task one completed

my dearest,

do you also feel like so much is happening these days? not necessarily actual things, but decisions and plans that are being made. as well as the occasional wedding party or fall down the escalator. while the latter was less fun, i think it’s fair to say the wedding party was a success. sadly i don’t have any pictures (yet), but i’ll tell you a little bit about it and you can make up your own images to go with that.

the celebration took place in an old brewery that is currently empty and can be used for whatever you want, conferences, political meetings, yoga classes and – should that be your wish – wedding parties. we set up everything in the hall they formerly used to fill the brewed beer into the bottles, with huge windows spanning one side of the building. to make things a bit more festive, the deco team asked everyone to bring white candles, which were then lit and made for a very lovely atmosphere. add a few small bottles with white flowers, big tissue paper snowflakes, lots of food, a dance floor and a very merry bunch of people and you have yourself a party! a lot of people that i hadn’t seen in a longish time, some that i’ve never ever seen and a few that i can’t see enough of. and then there was rueda dancing, toasting, eating, a concert and later on, more dancing. it was charming.

let’s rewind for a  moment so i can give you the conclusion to the task you set me two weeks ago. unfortunately i don’t have photographic evidence for everything; blame it on the food for being so good that i didn’t remember to take one before gobbling it up. all my culinary adventures did indeed take place up north and as well all know, those northerners like their meat. and fish. this is my warning to you: there will be a lot of meat. a lot more than i would normally eat in a week. probably even more than i eat in month. but let’s get to it, shall we?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

waffles magnus and i made, with jalapenos, left over parsley and something else that i can’t seem to remember right now added to the dough, then topped off with sliced tomatoes, parmesan and fried bacon.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

this. which i don’t remember the name of. some sort of ham, anyway. on bread with mustard and pickles.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

cod with potatoes, carrots, béchamel sauce and fried bacon. the first time magnus made cod by himself, something he had promised to do sometime in 2015. it was delish.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

and finally: pinnekjøtt, which you’ve already read about in my last post.

then, without photographic evidence, there were also some norwegian christmas cookies. and the christmas bread with brunost that i also mentioned last week. and that’s it – first task completed!

i look forward to reading about my new one and hearing about your efforts to fulfill yours,

you are being missed,




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