update one and task two for rahel

my dearest psnuki

sheesh, what a start into the new year it has been, for the both of us. we semi managed to get things going with the blog on time, though, which i am very proud of. and you should be, too, despite the teeny-tiny delay.

so. your adventures with magnus sounded utterly splendid. the cinema trip reminded me of our kino-nächte back in the day, and the fact that you made it to the oprah and liked it makes me feel like we should go to one, too. *winkwink* (or not) the rest, as you said, has been discussed in person(ish) and should remain there. either way, i’m pleased you had a good time in the cold north.

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the south has been getting cold, too, and the other day there was the smallest bit of snowfall in london, leading to the biggest of celebrations on my part. by now, i have told you most about my time in looe, so i shall insert a couple of photos to complement the tale of those four days, which feels like it was an eternity ago, rather than just a couple of weeks.


the foggy wastelands of chesham




nye squad

as you know, there has been quite a bit of unexpected change in the past week, leading to a great number of tears shed, disappointments and fear. what a way to start into 2017. but hey, maybe some things do happen for a reason (well, of course they do), and by the looks of it, i will be living with marco come may. i say that all casually, but lord, am i petrified (and excited. sometimes more of the former, sometimes more of the latter), constantly sending him messages with contents such as “will i still be able to use my floral sheets?!” (“they can be as floral as you like. there simply cannot be enough flowers”) or “you even said yourself you didn’t hover your uni room once.” (“*hoover”(i am better than that)). we shall see. oh well, i wanted change and change i shall get. i just kind of prefer it not being sprung on me like that.

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soooo. the tasks. firstly, mine, i.e. the one you gave me. i cannot claim to have made much progress as of yet, seeing as the stars aren’t really visible in london anyway, and i still have a week left. i’m certain by next sunday i’ll have a lovely asterism (thank you for the new word)to put into your album, when i next have it.

i have yet to read about your completion (or at least conclusion, although i’m confident you easily managed that one) of my last one, and already i am tasking you anew, you poor thing:

there are times in life, when things seem a bit shit. and, being the humans we are, we have a tendency to focus on those, instead of the ever so many great things we have going for ourselves. i know that being unhappy doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the many privileges (although i’m not the greatest fan of that word) we enjoy, but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and become aware of what they are. there are many incredibly successful people (and scientific studies supporting the workings of this “method”) who write down their goals and the things they’re grateful for every single morning. i’m not too fussed about the former, but for the next fortnight, i ask you to take two minutes every morning, be it right when you get up or during breakfast or on your way to your studium, to write down a couple of things you are grateful for and happy about. i know it’s a bit cheesy, but as i said, in times where the negative seems to overcome us (at least occasionally), it’s nice to still keep track of what we still have to look forward to. they don’t have to be super profound, and you obviously don’t have to share any on the blog (although i would be curious to see some of them), but i am interested to see, whether you feel like it helps getting over the winterandlifeblues just a bit. we shall see.

i very much look forward to reading from you and hearing about zita and andi’s partay and so forth.

yours gratefully,



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