task one completed

hello my dearest psnuk,

i am ever so contrite to hear whenever you’re ill, but this time ’round is even more of a bummer. i am, however, happy to hear you’re feeling better, and i’m sure you’ll still have an absolutely splendid, if slightly shortened, trip.

my week, for once, hasn’t been overly eventful. i’ve been getting a bit more into the swing of filming the ever so exciting food videos, very much enjoying my new soft box light, which is so bright, i sometimes almost forget it’s still bleak, bleak january. the week started off with a) finishing “a series of unfortunate events”, which marco and i had been binging over the weekend and b) watching the presumably last ever episode of “sherlock”. i don’t think you will have seen it by the time you read this, so i shan’t give away anything other than the fact that i’m genuinely still pissed off. monday evening brought a rehearsal with james’ band for a gig we were supposed to have the day after, however, due to yet another icmp fuck-up, we did not. cheers. i ended up having lunch with esther instead. which was just as good. in the evening i went to see les miz with paulina, which was as awkward as was to be expected (being there with her, not the actual musical. the cast was amazing, especially jean valjean (will i ever get over the fact how stupid that name is? it’s as though you were called rahel valrahel. i mean) and fantine), but fine after all. wednesday was a work and chores-day, with marco coming over late in the evening for thursday, which brought a new date in our date-series. we have decided to continue the idea of “eight dates for great mates” (even jean valjean is a better name than that), but from now on monthly, taking turns. january was a gioia-month, so i took marco to see “a monster calls”, which i read back in the day, and it was quite the experience, mainly due to one of the other seven or so audience members at the cinema, who kept talking on the phone, falling asleep and snoring, leaving, returning after 20 or so minutes, somehow joining another guy (?!), with whom he was conversing loudly until i went up to them to kindly ask them to be a tad more quiet. they were. and the film was lovely. after that we took a ferry walked and around canary wharf for a bit, which seems almost like new york. by london standards. we ate some burritos and drank some hot bevs, discussing the whole moving sitch, and lastly went to our final event of the evening; a cookery course. i had chosen a “fine dining”-kind, where we cooked a fancy-ish three course meal with another 18 attendees. ’twas quite entertaining, and i found myself thinking, that i could imagine doing that as a job (especially seeing as the instructor at some point asked me if a was a chef, because i apparently was rather knowledgable (which isn’t too difficult compared to people who ask questions such as “what is a sinew?”)). so that was fun.

Photo 19-01-2017, 16 13 10 (1).jpg

ferry merry (i cannot even imagine how tired you must be of photos of marco and me in different locations. i am sorry)

friday was another work day, and boy, did i get shit done. which brings us to yesterday, where i filmed yet another video, had a lengthy chat with paul who yet again had to come and fix my hot water (i’ve had hot water on two whole days all week long. not consecutive), and once 7 p.m. rolled around, made my way to james’, where he cooked a nigerian dinner for the whole band. we stayed until late and had a lovely time. it was the first time i had spoken with some of them about things beyond music, which rehearsals don’t usually allow. so yeah. i’ve written a whole lot now about a not very exciting week. i’m sorry if i bored you to sleep.

the task. i really quite liked it. (great comment) as i said, the stars sadly aren’t visible in this metropolis (speaking of cities and stars; have you seen “la la land” yet?), but i finally had an excuse (as though i needed one), to get my beloved sky guide app out again, and after much deliberation, i decided on orion, for a multitude of reasons: 1) orion contains super cool stars such as betelgeuse and bellatrix. 2) there are tons of interesting astrological and mythical stories surrounding this constellation (as it’s called by the app). 3) it has already been known in the times of homer, waaaaay back when. and lastly 4) i just think it looks pretty darn cool.

Photo 22-01-2017, 01 11 00.png

cool, innit?

i cannot wait for the next time we’re stargazing together.

i love you and get well soon, please.

yours eternally,



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