update and task two for gioia

my dearest,

as you know i am not yet, as was the plan, in morocco. and while everything’s still quite cloggy up there, i’m feeling much, much better and am looking forward to joining the girls very soon! but because i’ve not been at the height of my health the last few days, there’s not much to tell. i spent the majority of time in my bed, sleeping the first two days and then resting, working on a uni project from home, watching ‚the crown‘ and trying desperately to find comfortable ways to sit or lie. i’m very happy to be back on my feet and free to actually do things again!

while i spent yesterday working at the and today working on a written assignment, i did seize the opportunity to watch two movies at the cinema when i was finished with the work-related things. you already know my opinion on ‚la la land‘, which nora and i watched yesterday evening and enjoyed very much. and today, after sitting at my desk the whole day, i decided i’d treat myself to another movie. this time it wasn’t ryan gosling and emma stone, but brad pitt and marion cotillard in ‚allied‘. i wasn’t as blown away with the movie as i could have been, but i did shed a few tears at the end, which makes me think it could have been worse. plus, marion cotillard is always worth swooning over.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

and i’m afraid that already brings me to the last part of this week’s post. as i said, it wasn’t the most eventful of weeks. i really like your second task for me. it’s something i already do once in a while, but i’ve never done it this many days consecutively, which demands a bit more creativity. i’ve started using headspace to practice meditating again and whenever i manage, it’s the first things i do in the morning after getting out of bed. writing down what makes me happy and grateful swiftly follows that. so far, it’s proving to be the perfect way to start the day.

well done you for completing the first task! i can’t wait to be able to look for orion together at some point in the not so far future. my second task is very much oriented next-week-oriented: i would like you to learn five words or phrases in icelandic for your upcoming trip to the island of my (and your) dreams. (also, i would like you to take a photo of the northern lights should you see them (my fingers are crossed!) and of the whales you will see on your whale watching tour. (i suspect you’d do that anyway, but just to be on the safe side, i did say you needed to.))

hoping sophia and you are making the most of her stay & sending my love to the both of you,


p.s. i won’t ever get tired of photos of marco and you.


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