task two completed

hello stranger,

how very lovely to read about your adventures at last, although i’ll also require much more detail the next time we actually chat. all in all, it sounds like you had a splendid time, and you definitely made me want to morocco more than i already had. too many places to discover.

for once, i don’t actually have too much to say. which isn’t too bad, seeing as it’s late and i’ve had an exhausting day. our last couple of days in iceland were just as amazing as the first few. the day after i wrote my last post, we went to the blue lagoon, where we were greeted by deliciously hot water and a surprisingly refreshing addition of cold rain from above. the evening took us to the restaurant we had wanted to visit the day before, and lord, am i happy we gave it another go; the food was utterly scrumptious, a combination of flavours and textures and colours, and frankly, one of the best meals i have ever had the luck to enjoy. after we were appropriately fed and watered, we once more threw our warmest garments on (in marco’s case, quasi nothing), and ventured out in another attempt to catch the northern lights. and behold, this time ’round we actually did. having done the tour two days prior, we were aptly prepared for the long journey as well, so we brought my laptop and watched some more “westworld” to pass the time. the aurora borealis (borealis was actually aurora’s son and stands for the northern winds, i believe) danced across the night sky, as if it had wanted to make up for her absence on sunday. we got back at 1 a.m., which left us with very little sleep before our wakeup call at 7 the next morning.

Photo 02-02-2017, 11 26 22.jpg

Photo 31-01-2017, 11 39 45.jpg

just like the northern lights, we felt as though the whales deserved a second chance, too. sadly, our early getting up didn’t really make them feel any more keen to show themselves (dicks), and, whilst being snowed on, we saw nothing but a few dolphin fins. eh. after that rather anticlimactic ending, we returned to our hotel, played some games, and before we even knew it, it was time to go. the flight was rather unspectacular, but for the parts where we a) saw the northern lights again from the actual plane, b) bought half of easyjet’s menu, as we were starving, and c) shit was going down in “westworld”.

Photo 01-02-2017, 17 37 03.jpg

airport fluxx

after a day of getting shit done on thursday, it was time for another tanika-visit. she arrived in the early evening, with plenty of time to catch up, eat soup, and watch the latest episode of “the royals” (jasper-swoon-alert). on saturday, tanika left early to do some shopping, whilst i did some things at home, and we met in covent garden for lunch. one wagamama later, we decided to go to portobello, where we strolled around for awhile, chai lattes in one hand and hummingbird cupcakes in the other. in the evening we had dinner with nick, as last time, which was rather enjoyable, despite the complete incompetence of our italian waiter. on sunday, we met kevin for a nice brunch and spent our last few hours together watching “notting hill”, inspired by the portobello market visit the day before, which, as i have decided, must be one of the most unrealistic films there is. i still enjoyed it greatly, of course. then, sadly, it was time for tanika to leave, and i was left to my own devices. i used my time actually being productive, and believe it or not, actually sorting shit out and deciding to release a song of mine. i spent the rest of the night working towards that, with some of my efforts having led to unnecessary heartache, but i shall tell you about this on skype.

i wasn’t alone for long, however, for my lovely little mum arrived yesterday in the early morning. we spent most of the day lazing about in bed and tindering (on her part, not mine), and discussing an obvious scam she encountered (this guy told her he was a sailor, and after a couple of days of not responding suddenly reemerged, telling her they got into a storm, only to, a day later, get attacked by pirates *gasp*, so naturally, he asked her whether she could send his tiny son in the states money. all of our questions about why he couldn’t ask one of his friends or how he even had reception in the middle of the ocean were met with unsatisfying answers). after an obligatory visit to tk maxx, we met marco for dinner at the türkolos, and spent a really lovely evening playing sussed? and watching “the edge of seventeen”. today was a day of busyness. we slept in and made our way to borough market, where, as it turned out, i had never taken my mum to. which had to be rectified, of course. we shared a pie and bought some fudge, and made our way to the tate modern. after a bit of culture, we went shopping, which exhausted us in such a drastic manner, that we found ourselves back at home by about 7. that’s it.

for some reason, the only word i want to share with you is the icelandic translation of apricots, because we bought apricots and i just loved it. exciting, innit? it’s not even that far from english, or german, for that matter. apríkósur. lovely, isn’t it? it sounds like some sort of spell to me. (off topic, but i finally finished the last eragon installment. yay)

thank you kindly for your new task. i shall think of something. do you have any plan for v-day? as you know, i don’t care for it too much myself, although any reason to share the love is a good one. also, i have never actually heard of the book you chose. should i give it a read, too, you think?

i look forward to speaking to you soon, and hope all is well.



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