update and task four for rahel

hello there,

how’s it psunkin’? i am writing to you from my cold bedroom (which is to blame on no one but myself, seeing as i still refuse to heat unless absolutely needed, and my little cave underneath the blankets is warm enough anyway) on this bleak sunday night with very little to say. i know i claimed that last week and ended writing an essay, as ever, but this time i mean it.

after my last post, it was already wednesday, and therefore my mum’s last full day of visiting me, so we spent it having afternoon tea at a 5 star hotel (they sorted the finger sandwiches in order from weakest to strongest in flavour, lest they interfered with each other), roaming around and finally watching “beautiful”, a musical based on the life of and featuring the music by carole king, which was utterly splendid, bar the fact that the singing was shockingly mediocre in certain parts, seeing as it’s such a vocal-based musical. upon our return we finally watched the last two episodes of the latest season of “unreal”, which we had started sometime last summer (didn’t take us as long as we took with tb, though), and shit went down. after a gail’s the next morning (i basically live there now), it was time for us both to leave, her back to basel, and me up the metropolitan line to record some vocals for james. the session was short but good, and i very much look forward to hearing the final track. on friday i had to catch up on a week’s worth of work, with all my visitors and so forth, and didn’t do much beyond that. saturday, being yesterday, started with a massive shopping trip in preparation for the ginormous pre-valentine’s-or-just-general-because-i-care-dinner i am cooking for marco tomorrow evening. well, i already started cooking yesterday, really. a lot to get done. i also bought ingredients for some mini-cupcakes, which i shall bring to tomorrow’s rehearsal my beloved, but unsuspecting bandmates, in order to complete your task for me. a photo (should they not turn out super-hideous) shall be added to the next post. i also recorded some vocals for good ol’ dale in new york, and finished the evening off with a gig supporting “london’s best kiwi rock’n’roll band”, which was rather fun. today, sunday, i did more cooking and stuff and all that. lord, i am knackered. oh, i also fiiiinally finished “east of eden”. after what feels like a decade since i started.

as for your next task; i challenge you to experiment with lucid dreaming. it’s not something we’ve ever spoken about, so i don’t know if you already do, or are even interested in it, but i find it rather intriguing and have actually been dreaming lucidly since my childhood. there are many techniques with which one can encourage realising one is dreaming, therefore allowing oneself to manipulate the dream in whichever way one pleases (endless jamie dornan smooching sessions ahoy), including doing a couple of reality checks during the day, hoping to get them into the subconscious, so they happen during dreams, so we can realise we are dreaming, and also, once we are dreaming, looking at the sky. i recently heard that the brain cannot process such a vast thing as the sky when we dream, and therefore reacts by making it look painted. i don’t know whether it was the fact that i had this in the back of my mind, but the next time i found myself in a dream, realising i was in fact not awake, i remembered and looked at the sky and it was absolutely freaky, when it did, in fact, look painted. there are plenty of other ways and methods, so feel free to do your own research. i look forward to hearing your thoughts and results.

yours truly in anticipation,



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