task three completed, sort of

my dearest,

i’ve been all over the place lately and last week was no different! after returning from morocco on monday i had half a day at home to unpack my backpack, sort the dirty laundry into piles (which are still very piley, waiting to be washed, because that’s what not owning your own washing machine is like. yum.) and repack my bag for three days in the appenzeller fog. why appenzell? because that’s where andreas züst’s library/hotel alpenhof is. and that’s where the kick-off for a project i’m part of took place. a very excting project, in my opinion. in short, we’re (students from visual communication and cultural journalism) working on a book accompanying an exhibition that’s going to take place at the museum für gestaltung (which is the museum at toni) on protest posters. i say accompany because it’s not supposed to be a exhibition catalogue. we’re allowed to do whatever we want with the topic of protest, with 30% of the posters from the exhibition somehow being featured in the final publication. the three days were just the start, where we discussed our thoughts about “protest”, defined the term and then thought about what our publication is going to be about. as matters stand now we’re going to focus on the visualization/aesthetics of protest, which in itself offers so many possibilities. (to say i’m very excited would not do my feelings justice.)

just picture a school camp, but with more luxurious accommodation, much better food (+ wine), a bunch of great people, the most stunning view (which we only got to see on our third day there because it was too foggy the rest of the time, but that’s details) and two rooms with books on every topic you can come up with and you’ve got yourself a rough image of what it was like.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

basically, there’s not much else i can tell you. since i’ve been back i’ve been working at the cinema (sneaking glimpses of ‘fifty shades darker’) and trying not to think about the portfolio presentation i need to prepare. as to my last task, i’m not sure i can count it as 100% completed yet as i have only been able to read the first chapter of the book i chose, although you did say i didn’t need to finish the whole thing in two weeks. but already that first chapter brought back a lot of memories from when i first read it all those years ago – laura’s corncob doll, her father’s stories and their dog, jack. i remember vaguely that i was very fascinated by their making butter and while i don’t know how soon i’ll reach that part in the book, i’m going to make sure i reach it sooner or later.

i’m very curious to go about the new task as well. although i’ve never attempted lucid dreaming i remember reading about it a few times and not being able to decide whether to be fascinated or scared. i guess it’s time to find out.

looking forward to talking to you very soon,




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