task three completed

hello, hello,

’tis me again. who would have thought? just in time with valentiny feelings, the last couple of days have almost felt like something of a spring awakening, with temperatures suddenly rising to the point where i have decided to reduce my clothes by a layer or so. which i’m not mad at in the slightest. monday was the day on which i completed your third task for me, by baking tiny little brownie and rose cupcakes for our band rehearsal. and boy, were they appreciated. my bandmates took photos of the cupcakes, me and the cupcakes, themselves and me and the cupcakes, and so forth, and believe it or not, they even ate them, instead of just gramming! great success, i’d say. after the rehearsal, it was time for me to return to the kitchen, where i did the final preparations for the pre-valentine’s dinner i had planned for marco. it took us a whole two hours to finish all six courses, but let me just say that the fact that marco actually wasn’t hungry in the end (we skipped on the cheese platter), made up for all the work. and somehow, everything actually went down smoothly. on tuesday, we started our celebration (as if) by going ice-skating at the ice-rink we had visited during our first date. two girls at the register were more than excited and awww-y to hear about that, and asked whether we could hold hands on the ice on their behalf. we promptly did. afterwards, we journeyed to leicester square, where the both of us, plus two bags of smuggled sweet cinema style popcorn, enjoyed a showing of the latest “jamie dornan shows off his hot bod and dakota johnson has an annoying face”-flick. well, “enjoyed”, really. although, for once, i actually managed to go in with very low expectations, and therefore was not disappointed. our last stop of the day took us to the grant museum of zoology, where a special valentine’s event informed us about the mating behaviour of the specimen all over the museum in form of little notes, including the one mites, which i already told you about via skype and shan’t repeat. after a scrumptious dinner, courtesy of marco, (basically mainly cheese, which was lovely), we went to bed, concluding the first valentine’s day in six years, on which i have not been single. yay.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

the rest of the week was mainly james-related; we spent wednesday to friday at the studio recording live sessions and filming then, and had a gig last night, the jamesness only interrupted intermittently by lunch with esther and a much needed catch-up with maike. after the gig last night, i was in for a splendid surprise, for marco suddenly showed up at mine, when we had said we would be skyping, so i got to see him a whole two days before i had thought i would. we spent a cuddly night, until he had to depart early (at 10 a.m. super early) this morning, leaving me to my own devices. i spent my time catching up on things and working (my latest recipe consisted of sweet potato falafels. have you ever made/eaten them some? if not, i think you should give them a go), which i shall continue doing once i finish this. editing awaits.


we spent most of our time during breaks taking horrendous buzzfeed quizzes. the one we’re looking at right now is probably “tell us your favourite cheese and we’ll tell you when you’ll meet your soulmate” (apparently, i’ll meet mine in four years)

how are you? how was good ol’ julia (i listened to “pool party” last night and enjoyed it a lot)? how’s the dreaming getting along?

i look forward to hearing about my new task and from you.

many kisses,



completely off-topic, but i had to mention it. this past year i had been under the impression that the first photo ever of marco and me is the one of us standing on the top of the o2, looking all shy and cute, but as it turns out, the one below was taken before that, making this the official first shot of us ever. marco’s hair, though. and mine! sweet lord.



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