update and task four for gioia

my dearest,

well done on the valentine’s task. i would have loved to taste one of rose-topped goodies – judging on their exterior they were scrumptious. can we bake something together when i’m in london? yes? thank you.

i didn’t do anything special for valentine’s day this year, but i did enjoy watching all the couples and groups of (probably) single girls come to the movies to see ‘fifty shades…’. did i tell you about the feather tickler we found when doing our clean up round of the rows? yup, a feather tickler. fun times. last week consisted mostly of working at the cinema and preparing the presentation and although i would have wished for a more quiet last week of semester break, there were a fair few good moments at work. my favorite was when an elderly lady came to watch ‘hidden figures’ a second time, telling me all about her favorite scenes while waiting for the movie to actually start. at some point she said that she’d like to watch it at least three or four more times and we got talking about dvds and how she didn’t own a dvd player, to which i answered that you could get one for very little money these days. two days later she was suddenly standing at the kiosk again, telling me that she had emptied her penny bank and bought herself one! apparently she went to the library straight afterwards, borrowed three movies and watched them all the very same day. and of course she told the librarian she would be expecting ‘hidden figures’ as soon as it was out on dvd. she clearly made my day!


julia was great, thank you for asking. you know how i adore the papiersaal and this time was no different. the one and a half hours were over much too quickly and i was sad to leave again so soon, but what can you do. i went straight to corso to pick up daniela and together we headed to luki’s flat where we ate popcorn on the living room dance floor and talked about attractive graphic designers – a successful party i’d say.

over to your task, which hasn’t been the easiest to complete. to be honest i probably could have tried harder, but maybe easing into it is better anyway. so far i’ve been trying to focus more on the dreams i had when i wake up in the morning (i read that’s one of the things you can do to improve the chance of successful lucid dreaming) and i think i’m actually getting better at remembering things. i’ve also been doing reality checks during the day and although i think i was already awake at the time, i definitely asked myself if i was still dreaming at some point last night. and apart from my own attempts, i’ve been having some interesting conversations about dreams with friends, some of them making me very grateful i don’t share the same experiences. we’ll see what the next week brings…

over to your new task! in exactly two weeks time, basel will be in a state of complete insanity. fasnacht is nearing and with it the craziness. to help you get in the right state of mind, i would like you to do one of two things (or both, if you feel like it and have time): write a schnitzelbangg or cook something fasnacht-related (fastewaie, fasnachtskiechli, mählsuppe, schänggeli…whatever you want). feel free to listen to ‘frau fasnacht’ while you’re at it. maximum, vorwärts, marsch!




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