update and task five for rahel

hello psnukdipsnuk,

yet another week has passed, with its ups and downs (but is that ever not the case?). monday marked another day in marco and my “let’s find places where we can eat for under £10 each”-series, which led us (chosen by me) to a vietnamese restaurant in the heart of chinatown, where we indulged in the most ginormous noodle dish every, and i even treated myself to a non-alcoholic cocktail, because why the heck not. after a song (the froyo, that is), we made our way back home, just to spend the next forty or so hours mostly in my bed or in the kitchen, only getting up to buy more food and visit caffè nero for a couple of hours, for some boardgaming and westworldwatching (which we have now finished, at last. i’m not blown away. #sherlockflashback). wednesday to saturday consisted of work and getting shit done (and trying not to get blown away by doris, the storm currently raging over the uk, which caused my journey to central to double in length, as her winds literally started taking buildings apart). saturday seemed like the perfect day to complete your task, so of to sain’s i went. i decided to make faschtewäie, seeing as i’ve cooked both mählsuppe and ziibele/kääswäie before, and just like you, i have a weak spot for the sunnereedli’s big siblings. ever since i moved here, i have been baking with instant yeast, seeing as it’s much more easily available here in the uk. for this endeavour, however, i wanted the real deal (because, let’s be honest, actual yeast is da best), so i did some googling, and actually found out, that places like sainsbury’s with their own baking station do sell fresh yeast. i felt like a spy or secret agent of some kind, when i went up to one of the employees and asked whether he could get me some fresh yeast. “of course. how much do you need?”, he asked, to which i replied that i only needed maybe ten grams (i needed double that amount in the end, as i didn’t halve the recipe as i had initially intended to). “i’m sorry, the lowest we can do is 50.” 50 it was. i waited for a good couple of minutes (which is a long time to just stand around in a supermarket for), until he returned with a small bag with my requested fresh yeast. which ended up costing 20p. 20. pence. anyway. i went home and prepared the dough (i used a recipe from trusted betty bossy), which rose beautifully, despite the everlasting cold in my flat. once all the proving was through, i shaped ten lovely-ish wäie out of my dough, which proved (ha.) to be the most difficult part of the whole enterprise, seeing as, as my research concluded, one needs a thing called a “fastenwäheneisen”, to ease the process. an hour and a lot of cumin later, i was left with a fragrant batch of somewhat informal, as dear mary berry would say, looking baked goods. whilst they’re not quite the same thing as the ones one buys during the fasnacht, they were pretty darn close, and marco has already devoured at least four of them since last night. a definite success, i’d say.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

today, i joined marco to go up north to sit in on his residency at a local pub (did i tell you about that?). i brought a book, prepared to be reading for most of the time, but fate had somethin’ else in store for me; last week, he performed for a man and a woman who absolutely loved it, and were back today (claiming they had returned just to see him). when he went up to their table, (i was sitting by myself elsewhere), they were outraged i’d have to be there on my own and invited my to their table, in fact, refused marco would perfom until in joined them, so i ended up spending the whole afternoon enjoying a truly delicious sunday roast (i opted for a vegetarian nut roast, and it’s truly the best one i’ve ever had, plus all the roast potatoes and parsnips and cauliflower cheese and yorkshire puddings and gravy anyone could ever hope for) with karen, her two old friends nick and leroy (all of which are in their fifties), and karen’s mom winona (which is a pretty dope name), discussing religion and music and magic, and finally catching the first half of the rugby match that was on (italy vs england), which karen and nick both really wanted to see. every once in a while wayne, the pub’s owner, would come by, and just be plain lovely, flattering me like an absolute pro and making me feel at home. i also caught a couple of glimpses of marco performing for kids, and am still recovering from multiple ovary explosions. truly an amazing afternoon, i must say. as of right now, i’m sitting (or half-sitting, at least) in bed, waiting for marco, who kindly and bravely volunteered to pick of a nosh from spissige basil, to return.

before that, though, your task: as you know, in less than two weeks’ time, you will be here. oh my god. this actually truly is the longest we haven’t seen each other for, ever, ever. whilst we already have a couple of things planned, we still have a lot of downtime, so my task for you is to find one proper food place and one café-y or afternoon-y food place for us to check out. sounds feasible, no?

either way, very sooooooon i’ll see you (also, i already apologise, but next week’s post might be very late, as the fasnacht will keep me super busy) and hug you and spoon you and all that.

i cannot wait.




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