task four not completed

my dearest,

yes, you read correctly, i did not manage to complete the task you set me. while i did attempt to do some experimenting, i never actually managed to have a lucid dreaming experience. at least not in the time you set me. who knows, maybe i’ll work it out in the weeks to come. maybe sleeping more than three hours (more on that later) would be helpful. i will however do my very best to complete the next one, i promise!

i’m afraid this post will be a short one and i apologize in advance for all the rambling that’s about to happen. for the first time in my life i watched the oscars. beginning to end, all glorious (and not so glorious) six hours of it, with the consequence that i was only able to sleep three hours before my lecture started. i wouldn’t have managed it if i hadn’t been in the company of my lovely cinema co-workers, but there we were, sprawled across various mattresses, cushions and blankets in hanna’s living room, her three ginormous cats (honestly, i’ve never seen anything the likes of them) nacho, fellini and pushka entertaining us whenever the commercial breaks came on. of course we had popcorn and of course we all filled out ballots (i came in shared second, having guessed 14 of the 24 categories correctly) and yes, poor matt damon. it was a blast, albeit not one i feel the need to repeat anytime soon.

and that was just the conclusion to a very busy and culturally loaded weekend. after surviving the portfolio presentations on friday, daniela and i treated ourselves with a trip to the movies to see ‘manchester by the sea’. oh boy. i cried and i laughed and was generally very moved by the film and the actors’ performances. the drama continued saturday evening, when i went to see the ballet version of ‘anna karenina’ with grosi (the one and only) at the zurich opera house. ballet gets me every time and this was no exception. the atmosphere throughout was quite sombre, but that didn’t make it any less magical, the costumes – especially the dresses – being stunning and the dancing mesmerizing. how the dancers make their battements, bourrées and pirouettes look so effortless is a mystery to me!

and now you’ll have to excuse me, sleep is calling me.



p.s. your fastewaie look delish! i’ve only managed to eat one this year, which is of course scandalous. utterly and completely. i might have to eat one every day for the following week to make up for it..


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