update and task five for gioia

my dearest,

how has the fasnacht been? is marco still as bewildered by the whole experience as on monday at four a.m. (i admit, not having grown up with it, it must be such a weird experience. magical, but somewhat weird all the same.)? i’m sorry the weather is behaving so badly this year, but i’m sure you’re still making the most out of it. i’m still quite tired from yesterday’s shenanigans – sleeping only three hours and then attending two seminars and then going to work for another four hours maybe wasn’t the best idea…but oh well, it was worth it.

did i tell you i finally got around to watching ‘fifty shades darker’? yes, i did it’s been a long coming, but on friday, mara and i went for dinner at el luchador, gorging on nachos with guacamole, tacos and quesadillas and the much-needed mojito and followed up culinary feast with one of a quite different manner. almost every seat was sold, which made for a very…umm…lively screening. i didn’t expect much and thus wasn’t too disappointed (and hey, there’s even some scruff on that handsome face of jamie’s – i’m not complaining).

on saturday i was in for another cinematic and culinary treat. after some skyping, a lot of replanting and a walk in the sun, a few of us went to alina’s to watch ‘cowspiracy’ and make a delicious vegan dinner. ‘cowspiracy’ has been on my watchlist for some time now and i’m glad i finally got around to watching it. although things might be a bit exaggerated at times (or so the critics say) and although one of the film’s main points (that the „truth“ is being hidden by the major environmental organisations) is not as valid anymore as it was when the documentary first came out, there were still a lot of numbers i was surprised about. i’ve been thinking about the whole vegan thing for a while now, with my sister and all, and i think it’s definitely time i cut back on dairy, too. i’m not saying i’ll become 100% vegan, but i am going to make some changes regarding what i consume.

before i go, there’s still one more thing. your fifth task. it’s a musical one. i know, not a lot of music listening going on over at yours, but hear me out. music is great, we all know that. music helps us through the saddest of times and lulls us into sleep and helps give voices to people who wouldn’t be heard otherwise, it’s there during the good and the bad, it can bring back the best (and worst) of memories in an instant…it’s powerful. even when we feel our worst, music can pick us right up from the floor and make us feel like dancing. my love, for this next task of yours, i would like you to make a playlist with your most danceable tunes. i don’t care whether it’s donna summer, one direction or elvis, you choose whatever makes you shimmy and shake.




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