task four completed

my dear frau fasnacht,

two and three quarter days into the drey scheenschte dääg, i’m still nowhere near satiated with the sounds and smells and sights the fasnacht brings. each year those three days are a world of their own, and it’s always a rude awakening to find oneself in a räppliless street, with no one kids shouting “waggis!”, and people dressed in regular clothes. so for those last few hours, i shall suppress the thought that that happens, and concentrate on the fact that i’ll be finding räppli everywhere for the next few months.

the past week has paradoxically both been a blur of having to get things done before my departure to switzerland, and also dragged on like crazy, as ever, when one is looking forward to something. my wait was sweetened by another one of our monthly dates, but for reasons of laziness, and the fact that i prefer to tell stories in person, i shall refrain from giving you the deets until i see you in just two days’ time (i still cannot believe it. seeing you on monday was so spontaneous, it was almost surreal after all those months, and i couldn’t really take it in). after a very early flight on saturday morning, we arrived in a sunny basel, the sunniness of which we promptly used to take luna (and liam) for a nice walk in the woods. after a dinner with robbie and atika (who have introduced me to my new icebox fave: tartuffo nero), marco and i went to my dad’s to spend the night listening to the church bells and the rain. very romantic. after a brunch on sunday morning, we were picked up my brother who now not only has reached the unbelievable age of twenty, but also has his driver’s license now. one road-trip later, we had arrived at a place where childhood dreams are made to this very day: the technorama in winterthur. both liam and i hadn’t been to this wondrous place in over half a decade, so it was marvelous to rediscover old favourites and find new ones. as a part of his 20th birthday, liam wished for us to go to the infamous kronenhalle for dinner, so that’s where we met jana, my mum and my dad at 7 p.m. sharp (in fact, we all got there early. classic swiss). we dined like kings and queens, and finally got to taste the famous kronenhalle schoggimousse, which was both delicious and oddly fruity.

the morgestraich requires little retelling, as you were there yourself (with me. yay), and the days since have been spent all fasnachted up, so there’s not much to say about that, other than the fact that marco greatly enjoyed all the new experiences, and i greatly enjoyed introducing him to what has been a big part of my life for a long time. so, thank you for your concern, yes, he has recovered from the initial trauma.

Photo 07-03-2017, 21 37 20.jpg

liam and trump

as you already know, i had already completed the task in week one, by baking the faschtewäie. sadly, there was simply no time for a schnitzelbangg, although i’ll happily refer you back to the one i once wrote for you into your album (or mine? either way, i’m gonna need one of ’em back soon, because i’m bursting with ideas (if only)).

i hope you’ve enjoyed the past couple of days and i cannot wait to see you and talk to you and have you tell me more about cowspiracy and your new vague module and all the things, really.

yours impatiently,





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