task six for rahel, task completed and update

my god (this letter is not addressed to any sort of deity, i’m merely expressing my feelings),

seeing as almost half of the past week has been spent in a splendour of snukandinskiness, rahel and i have decided to write this post together, taking it in parts. yay. i’m responsible for friday and saturday, and friday is where i shall begin. as you already know, i was eagerly awaiting you all morning long, watching the clock as it ticked past noon, before you finally knocked on my door, taking me completely by surprise. after hugs and tea (two of the very best of things), we ventured seventy steps down, to enjoy a much needed late lunch at the türkolos. back in my flat (and my bed) it was time to dive back into the world of hot hooks, mean golds and manly swans, an activity we’d engage in multiple times over the days to follow. after all that ouat-ching, ’twas time to dress to the nines and head off to “bel canto”, where we enjoyed a scrumptious (albeit french) three-course-meal, whilst being serenaded by the gayest of davids (and i mean that in all the senses of the word), and his opera singer colleagues. what a feat. ice-cream and olettos.

on saturday, we rewarded ourselves for all the hard work we’d done by having a lie-in we truly deserved. we strolled about london bagel-cravingly, until we made our way to one of the restaurants you had chosen for the task i set you back last week ago. unfortunately, they didn’t open until two hours later, however, fortunately, a prêt with actually free soup and tables in the sun was just around the corner, so we could spend that time soaking in the first rays of spring and also some very naughty literature. the wait was worth it, however, for the cheesy potatoy thingy we ate (i hope you remember its name (i do. the cheesy potatoy thing was called queso fundido. however, cheesy potatoy thing is just as good, in my opinion.)) more than made up for our rumbling tummies. once we had been fed and watered, we made our way to the royal albert hall, the actual reason you came to visit me. and sweet lord, when that orchestra played the jingle of 20th century fox, conducted by our very own wicki, did we realise we were in for a treat. and truly, despite having seen titanic a multitude of times (many of them with you), watching it with a live orchestra and choir in that world-famous venue, experiencing the cinematic masterpiece with thousands of other people, was something i shall never forget. after we had eaten all the chocolate buttons and twirls we could muster, and were all cried out, we embarked on our journey with bagels in mind once more. sadly, they just weren’t meant to be on that day, but the avocado on toast was more than a worthy replacement.

thus ends my part of the tale. all that’s left is your task. in the light of current events (as i am certain you shall tell our readers the tale of), your task is the following: in the next fortnight, i challenge you to reattempt something you have failed at before. it might be a recipe, reading a book you put aside, learning to juggle with just one hand or whatever else you may have tried before and dismissed. in terms of your task for me, i have yet to start creating a list to dance to, but marco and i will be in on all of marco’s birthday on wednesday, and we might be in a dancy mood. i shall keep you posted.

i already love and miss you and hope you have flown well. come back. bye.

my dearest, i would love to come back. if i could, i’d hop on a plane (or rather into one) right this instant and make my way back to you, the comfiness of your bed and all the bagels, ouat episodes and ice cream servings. alas, life is neither a pony farm nor sparkling water and all its obligations are keeping me right here. retelling some of our adventures might make things a teeny bit better, though.

sunday morning arrived with grand plans for brunch at my second choice of your task: farm girl café. however, we soon had to realize that sunday morning might not be the best time to go brunching at a relatively small café in notting hill, no matter how tucked away behind white gates it is. voilà plan b: au pain quotidien only a few minutes’ walk away, where we were led to a table and presented with a plethora of menus, from drinks, seasonal specials to a brunch specific one. we ploughed our way through them and after a few minutes of feeling utterly overwhelmed, made the probably best choice ever. and then came the wait. the oh-so-worth-it-wait. and then, fully satisfied after a turmeric chai latte, two different hummus(es), a selection of breads, granola and fruit, quinoa, avocado and two different scones, it was time to say goodbye, albeit only for a little while, as i made my way to the design museum and you returned home. not before agreeing on dinner plans, though (because obviously that’s the most pressing matter after just having brunched or way through the menu): gnudi with oven-roasted cherry tomatos and basil.

and gnudi we made. or, well, we tried. and really, who in their right mind would interpret “45 minutes + chilling” as eight hours of chilling? nobody. nevertheless, we did our best, even eating that long-awaited cream cheese & smoked salmon bagel to allow the gnudi some more chilling time (that’s the reason, right?) and making strawberry daiquiris to pass the time. but despite all our efforts, the three hourse of chilling the gnudi did get were not enough. who knows, maybe our version of flat-pressed and fried gnudi will be the next big thing?!

on to today, the final day of what was one of the loveliest trips to london. after starting the day in the best way possible – a snuggling session in bed, we made our way to draughts, a place you had told me about multiple times and that i was very much looking forward to finally visiting. the traditional round of bananagrams (or in our case appleletters) started things off. two rounds of exploding kittens and ticket to ride made the three following hours feel like half an hour and much too quickly it was time to leave and make my way to the airport.

thank you for everything, my dear, i can’t wait for next time!




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