task five completed

hello again,
my sweet lord, what an odyssey. it has been ten and a half hours since i departed on my journey (and am nowhere near home as of yet (well, at victoria)), which usually takes between five and six hours to complete. my. god. oh, how i cannot wait for my sweet, soft, welcoming (and probably freezing) bed.
this past week has been emotionally draining on many accounts. after seeing you off on monday and an impossibly difficult harry potter quiz on tuesday, marco’s birthday had arrived. the youngling is now 24. upon his request we spent the day eating (chicken wings and oreo cheesecake with a brownie base), snuggling and playing games, including a new fave called “the game”, which, funnily enough, you and i ended up playing on friday. the weather was kind to us, and for the first time this year we took it up on the make out roof, to sunbathe and play yet more games. as you already know, we also started looking for flats, which, as so many things these days seem to, led to a minor existential crisis. i shan’t dwell, however, for there seems to be a solution, if all things go well. after a brunch with esther and more washing machine drama (will i ever get mine replaced? #grownupandfirstworldproblems), ’twas time to return to basel for the second time within a fortnight.


i was lucky enough to spend friday evening with you, louanne, and sophia, although thinking about it actually makes me more depressed than anything. i genuinely don’t know how to deal with the thought of not knowing when i’ll get to see you again. even if it were four months from now, at least i’d have a date to count down to. we must sort something out.

on saturday morning we attended a service at the synagogue in basel. it’s been a looooong time since i stepped foot in one. we said farewell to my dad and my brother and ascended to the women’s balconies, where we were greeted by omi and michelle (who is my dad’s stepbrother’s wife. i stayed at theirs in israel, five years ago (?!?!?!?!?!), in case you remember). and oddly enough, i really enjoyed it. putting a multitude of jewish women on a balcony where they can look down upon their men and gossip seems like a splendid idea to me, and, accompanied by the cantor’s singing, made for beautiful experience. i felt oddly connected to judaism, be it more culturally and maybe spiritually than religiously. an utterly mediocre apéro later (i only really ate kosher schoggi ss (lovely plural)), liam and i managed to get the whole japan trip booked. that’s one thing off the to do list. i think i already told you, but we found tenants for the flat below who are moving in soon, so my mum has extended her spring cleaning fury to the whole house. including the piano. which needed to be moved. by us. without rolls attached to it or any equipment. and that things probably weighs about 200 or more kilos. i shall spare you the details until we next speak, for their comedic and dramatic effects are best experienced in speech. but oh my. that’s one off the “things i never want to do again”-list. my visit to basel coincided with the b-scene, so i spent saturday night with a flock of beloved ones, listening to more or less enjoyable performances all over basel, including my first ever quintessenz-gig. colin and co. were beyond adorable.


on sunday morning, the festivities in celebration of pipi’s 90th birthday continued in the shape of a truly delicious family brunch. i even met some relatives i didn’t even know existed, which led me to wonder how many more of those there may be. i was also lucky enough to catch tani for a brief but much needed catch-up, so i basically saw the whole crew this weekend, if not all at once. the rest of the night was spent at my dad’s house with a gulasch and the latest tatort. leaving today. yay. i’d rather not relive the seven (rachel. seven) hours i spent at basel airport, despite those moments spent watching “call the midwife” (which i think you’d rather enjoy) and the. most. adorable. little baby girl who was seated next to me on the plane with her mom, and handed me to hold once we had landed, so her mum could gather up their things. so broody right now.
the playlist i created isn’t much of a masterpiece, and if i had had more time, it might have ended up a tad more refined, but they’re all songs which make me (want to) dance.
i love and miss you,


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