task six for gioia

my dearest,

unfortunately, or rather fortunately, due to the fact that we saw each other last friday, there’s not much to tell. hardly anything, to be honest. if anything at all. you know all about my struggles with the lines project, the blister incident at the cinema from making bucketloads of popcorn and the sad fact that the bicycle gods have decided to wage war on me. probably the only thing i haven’t told you is that i finished ‘all the light we cannot see’ yesterday. needless to say, there were tears. and the wish to read all of anthony doerr’s other books since reaching that last page.

and that’s basically it from my side. but tell me, how were those birthday festivities? and i’m sure you have some tales from saturday night, am i right?

last but not least in what might well be the shortest post ever, your new task. you kind of brought this on yourself, with all your talk about podcasts (which i very much appreciate, by the way. so much so that i have been tuning in on some of your recommendations.). what i would like you to do is record a podcast episode. no worries, you don’t have to publish it if you really don’t want to, although i’d love to hear it, of course. grab yourself a cup of tea, your recording equipment, marco (should he be willing) and babble away.

i miss you, i really, really do.




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