task six completed

my dearest,

i’m picturing you making your way home from a disney-filled night, sleepily humming disney songs, your favorite lines bouncing around in your head, dreams of fairytale castles and jungle scenes ahead. so this question is for afterwards, when you’ve been able to catch some sleep: how was it? you’ll need to remind me of all the movies you saw, because although i read them out to magnus when i (very excitedly) told him about the marathon, i’ve already forgotten at least half of them again. and who can blame me when there are so many great ones to choose from.

i’ve also had my fair share of disney this past week. after finishing work on thursday, a cinema friend and i snuggled into the first row of the balcony and watched belle fall in love with the beast. having been “forced” to listen to the soundtrack last weekend while working and also having seen some snippets from the beginning, middle and end, i already knew i was going to like it (the fact that said friend was joining me to see the movie for the third time might have helped, too). i won’t say too much yet as i assume we’ll be discussing details when you’ve seen it as well, but let me say that i thoroughly enjoyed myself. of course there were things i think they could have done better, but all in all, they did a great job. the casting is great, i loved the songs and (who knew dan stevens had such a manly voice?) even the things they changed and added made sense to me. i’m very curious as to what you’ll say (and i hope i haven’t built up your hopes too much now)!

now, disney movies weren’t the only thing on my mind this week. i’ll share you the details of (finally) (sort of) finishing the lines module and instead move on to something far more interesting: food. on wednesday evening, my morocco friends and i met up at alina’s apartment, ready to cook up a culinary reminder of our time spent together in the land of tajines and overly sugared mint tea. there was flat bread and aubergine caviar, a vegetable and chickpea tajine with couscous, topped with raisins and fresh herbs, the indispensable mint tea, freshly pressed orang juice and plenty of garam masala for those of us who like it. i shall add a couple of pictures of the food below for you and your tastebuds.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-23 at 10.56.44

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-23 at 10.56.39

more good food awaited me in the form of a brunch yesterday morning, this time at laura’s apartment in basel.  i’m not going to list all the things we had there (too many. although, can there be too many things at a brunch? disputable.), but instead tell you about something that might be of particular interest to you. my sister recently attended a course in fermenting and can now make a mean vegan cheesecake. no question, it does not taste exactly like a non-vegan cheesecake, nor is the consistency the same. however, it it utterly scrumptious. ask-for-seconds-although-you’re-actually-way-too-full-already scrumptious. i’ll have to make it for you one day and maybe, just maaaybe, it’ll help you get over your cheesecake trauma.

anyway, the clocks have been turned, an hour stolen and i have to get back to work. i’m looking forward to hearing from you & will be crossing my fingers in the meantime.

yours for evermore,



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