update and task seven for rahel

why, hello there,

you were bang on with your prediction of my just having been on my way home from an absolute ton of disney. so much disney. the rest of my week can be summarised in three rather uninspiring words, namely work, flat-hunting and more work. (not technically three words. but you get the gist). ’twas all worth it, however, for last night the disney marathon awaited. we threw ourselves into all-nighter worthy clothes (marco opted for my dad’s grey joggers and a simple tee, whilst i chose some comfy black bottoms and the minnie mouse t-shirt i wanted to throw out when you were last here, but marco prevented me from), packed two blankets and off we were. after some serious stocking up on food and snacks of all kind (and believe it or not, we didn’t run out), we found ourselves in a queue of rather excited disney-fanatics, many of which were already aptly dressed in onesies or pjs. after much deliberation we found some great seats, just middle enough, but not too far in, for the ease of eventual loo-breaks. just as we had settled and snuggled ourselves in, the event began with a film i’ve not actually seen all too many times; “alice in wonderland”. it was marvelously strange, and there was a collective roaring laughter throughout the cinema at more than one point. only just having gotten away with our heads on (although the red queen tried her darnedest to chop ’em all off), we launched into mowgli and his jungle friends’ world. around the time the vultures sang our choir classic, we started some serious debating trying to figure out which film they’d play next, as it had been announced as a “mystery” flick. i would’ve been all for “mulan”, until i remembered how much i loved “hercules”. marco was very much up for the idea of some greek gospel (which i wonder whether it exists or not), but naturally, we had no idea. and low and behold, the lights went off, and the screen announced that we’d be spending the next hour and a half with herc and phil, fighting beasts and falling in love with sensual meg. the crowds went wild. truly. i don’t think any other film got as much cheering (other than “the lion king”, maybe). we were lucky/unlucky enough to sit in front of a lady who very loudly sing along to all of the songs (of all films. how?), but that’s the joy of watching all these childhood (and adulthood, really) classics with a bunch of strangers. once “the little mermaid” rolled around at around 3 a.m. or so, marco was slowly starting to get a bit tired and “rested” on my lap all throughout the film. i started struggling a tad myself, and missed maybe twenty minutes towards the end. “aladdin” brought some more energy back, and whilst marco seemed to have given up (although vehemently refusing whenever i suggested to go home), i only started dozing off in the last quarter. red doesn’t suit princess jasmine anyway. eh. and lastly, “the lion king”. oh yes. one of the grandest movies ever made, i find. the opening scene had the whole audience, tired or not, in fact, even awake or not, reuinted, although i am ashamed to admit that i didn’t catch much of it after that. oh well. next time. either way, we had an absolute blast.

as for my task, i have not recorded anything as of yet, but marco (once he returns from work, the poor thing) is staying until wednseday, so i hope we should get something together by next sunday.

as for your task: whilst i’d love for you to make me that vegan cheesecake, sadly that doesn’t appear to be an option as of right now. i know you’re not too keen on overly free things since the lines-trauma (well done on completing that, btw. i’d love to see and hear about the final result), but i don’t think you should struggle too much with this one; for the next to weeks i ask you to welcome spring in whichever way you like. be it a walk outside everyday (weather permitting), a spring clean, cooking something spring-y, whatever you please. i look forward to hearing what you come up with.

thank you kindly for you crossed fingers, i shall keep you posted, and i’ll most certainly speak to you soon.




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