task six completed

my love.

it’s going to be a short one, because things aren’t too well and i’m not in too much of a write-y mood. in addition to that, i have very little to say which i haven’t already told you during your lovely (i am certainly guilty of overusing that words myself) surprise phone call yesterday. basically, it has been a week of worries and stress and crises (some new issues have arisen today), although some should be resolved tomorrow, but i do not know which way they’ll go. which is the worst. waiting is the bloody worst.

on the bright side, i am somehow making up for this horrendously minimalist post by just having sent you a 40-minute-monstrosity of rambles. yay. listen to it on the way to school/uni/youknowwhat, whilst cleaning, on a walk, to fall asleep to, whenever. anyone else who wants to listen to the podcast is welcome to message me in whichever way they can, and i’ll be happy to send it over.

that’s it from me. shockingly.

i shall speak to you soon, with good news, i hope.

much love,

gioia, the anxious one


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