update and task seven for gioia

my dearest,

i wish i was still in bed. i know, it’s not that early. in fact, it’s not early at all, but i’m still tired. but being tired on monday means one has had a good weekend, right? right.

and good it was. as you already know, i unexpectedly spent a big portion of it listening to live music at the m4music festival. not having had planned to attend the festival, i wasn’t really prepared and hence didn’t know what to expect in terms of bands and musicians. i find that sometimes that makes for even better concerts, though, without all the expectations. i won’t list all of them, but maybe some of the highlights? jeans for jesus definitely belong up there, as well as sailor & i (even though he had to play much too early in the evening) and parcels (the unforgettable triangle solo). also, the slow show. because emotions – all of them. there was a lot of hugging and holding on to each other and yes, also some crying. the cathartic kind. i’m amazed every time at how music can do that. anyway, there were a lot of precious moments and i’m very glad i got to go after all.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

it was especially nice to be able to fully enjoy the weekend after working both saturday and sunday the last two weeks. and although last week was a good week in terms of uni – i really enjoyed the workshop we had – it was lovely to unwind for a bit.

oh! something else i forgot to tell you yesterday; last wednesday evening i saw schwanensee for the first time in my life. i’ve been wanting to do so for a long time and last week finally had the chance to. one of my cinema friends works as a seamstress at the opera house in zurich and knows some people there, enabling her to get top-notch tickets for wednesday’s performance. needless to say, it was lovely (i should really find an equivalent for „lovely“, i know i use it way too often). especially the scenes in the forest were beautiful to watch. i’d heard that several endings exist, so i didn’t know what to expect. ours was tragic.

…and so even though there are a ton of things to organize, things that need to get done and are constantly at the back of my mind, i’m trying to clear my schedule a bit and allow for some more time – to enjoy spring, which i’ll tell you more about next week. i’m going to ask you to do the same thing and celebrate this new season with a picnic. you can bring anything you want, but i would like you to have the picnic somewhere you’ve never been. it can be a park you’ve never been to, a rooftop, hidden between bookshelves in the library, a patch of green somewhere along the thames or whatever else you can think of. grab a blanket, food and drinks and maybe a game or a book (or both) and head on out!




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