update and task eight for rahel

hello hello,

do apologise my melodramatic outburst last week, although, i am sorry to say, things haven’t exactly gotten better. but for one detail: the weather. my god, it’s utterly glorious outside. are people who live in constantly warm and sunny places scientifically happier? even if there were, there ain’t no way i’d give up autumnal walks in the wood, the clean crispness of winter air or the yearly newfound appreciation of temperatures over 15 degrees celsius. in fact, we’re experiencing a one-day heatwave, peaking at 24 degrees, which is basically “take off all your clothes and jump into the next body of water”-weather. a combination of said sudden rise in temperature, and the fact that i’ll presumably only be in this flat for another month or so, have led to my spending a lot of time on my beloved rooftop. i go up there to read, eat, listen to podcasts, meditate, you name it. in fact, i was on it just a couple of minutes ago, meditating, and somehow, despite all the blergh-rubbish going on, i felt incredibly at ease. it felt as though the wind was breathing for me, the birds lulling me in with their songs, and the sun pouring liquid gold into my soul, warming me up inside and out. i know. pretty darn deep. said wind, however, was what kept me from writing this blogpost outside, for it viciously changed its mind and almost blew me off into the skies, upon which i sought refuge in my safe bed. i am, however, facing the open window, so it’s almost the same. i might go back up in a bit.

this week has passed in a blur, and i feel as though i’ve been spending it with a strange combination of not doing anything, and doing way too much. it’s almost as though whenever i manage to get something done, another seven things crop up, demanding my immediate attention. but hey, that’s life for you (not you specifically, of course. all of us). some of my downtime was spent watching “13 reasons why”, a recent netflix release based upon a book i had read about before, and despite it being a teen drama, it was so much more than that, and i was completely captured by the storyline. i shouldn’t get so very invested in fictional characters all the time. graham and the like. but oh well.

the picnic you tasked me with has yet to happen, but is planned in for tuesday, when the temperatures will have dropped by almost ten degrees, but we shall make the best of it. i’ll keep you posted, of course.

and lastly, your new task. i’m already 97% certain you won’t like it (what a way to introduce something); i feel as though i haven’t set you anything that was a proper challenge, so i’m cranking the difficulty up a bit. just a tad. you may adjust my tasks accordingly, if you wish. so. remember “wicked”? the collection of erotic short stories we bought when you were here? sexy cowboy-guy and so forth? my task for you this fortnight is to write a piece of erotica. it can be fanfic, something completely made up, comedic, dramatic, maybe spooky, however you please. it doesn’t have to be a novel, of course, let’s say maybe a page? (no ginormous letters) i shan’t ask you to post it on here, of course, but i do request you send (or even read?!) it to me, just so i can check you actually did it : P as i said, no literary masterpieces expected, but it might be an interesting challenge to try and write something better than e l james, after all the times we’ve criticised her writing. you’re more than welcome to send me any work in progress, in case i can help with yet another acronym for “penis”, or you need someone to explain to you what “felching” is (although i am rather certain the latter won’t feature in your story). i shall throw in a bonus, too, being that (if you want), you can use it as an entry into whichever’s album you’re currently working on, so we can maybe exchange those again. i have plenty of ideas (i don’t really, but boy, oh boy, have we been slacking this year).

i cannot wait to read about raunchy rachel and her companions, and i look forward to speaking to you soon.

yours forever,


17637187_1163441487097846_5540181183030943396_o.jpga little snapshot from our gig for sofar sounds at beyond retro last week. james assaulting people. classic.


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