task seven completed

my dearest,

you were, of course, very right with your assumption. however, task is task/challenge is challenge, so i will try my very best to come up with something. whether it will be the least bit erotic is yet to be seen, or rather read, but i shall try (and probably fail…just saying).

your last task was very open and although i didn’t do anything big, there were a lot of small ways in which i welcomed spring, the most recent being that i decided it’s time for my summery clothes to come out of hibernation. actually, seeing as „my summery clothes“ are about three tops and two pairs of pants, it wasn’t that big of a deal. however, the more important part of that decision was to ban all my wintery clothes (and of those i have quite a few) from my wardrobe. so i gathered up winter coats, scarves, wool socks and a plethora of jumpers and stuffed them into a bag, to be unpacked again in the autumn (although summer is probably more accurate, considering iceland is on this year’s travel list). not only did i clear some space in my wardrobe, i also tackled a few other spots in my room, sifting through things, throwing away some of the accumulated stuff in the process, cleaning up the stacks and piles of paper on my desk, moving things around, etc. i didn’t do much, but already it feels so much airier.

all that happened yesterday afternoon, after my mom and anouk had dropped me back off in zurich. we had spent most of saturday and a good part of sunday on a gals’ weekend, which was more than lovely. we started the short getaway trip on saturday morning when they picked me up and we drove towards the mountains, stopping only to enjoy our picnic lunch of flatbread, falafel and salad(s) i had prepared for us. we finished off with cinnamon rolls for dessert and continued our drive southwards, past alp flix over the julierpass until we reached samedan, our destination.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

almost straight away we threw on our bikinis and headed to the spa, where we relaxed in thermal, steam and rooftop baths. a massage rounded things off and we headed back to the hotel relaxed as can be. after a short rest we decided to walk to the restaurant and spent the next half hour taking in the snow-covered mountains in the twilight. it was quite magical. the magic didn’t stop there, however, for we treated ourselves to a bit of prosecco, scrumptious pasta dishes and some wine and – of course – dessert. your recent talk of tartufo must have had an impact on me, for that is exactly what i went for. the walk back to the hotel was a very giggly one, albeit equally magical due to the stars above. sisters and moms are the best. of course, good food and massages aren’t the worst, either.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

before i go, let me share one more spring-related thing with you. i recently made it for myself when i was craving something cool and refreshing and it was just that, in a glass. i highly recommend you try it one of these days. add some ice cubes to a glass, pour some freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice over them, add some quince syrup (i’m sure elderflower is just as good) and a sprig of rosemary, fill it up with cold water and enjooooooooy.




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