task seven completed

why, hello there,

yet another week has passed full of preparations for the move and other things to come. in fact, a move-in date has been set (being may 5th), so things are actually becoming a bit more real and concrete. yay.

other than that, the week brought few new things. on monday, we opted for a visit to the greenwich observatory, where marco and i spent half an hour watching a documentary about solar storms (narrated by benedict cumberbatch. oh yes), followed by yet another event at the book club, namely the “pundemonium”, a game show based on puns. we simply must attend an event at the book club when you’re next here. (here being in zone 6. my god. i’m settling down). thurday and friday were spent with julien, stefan and julien’s host family from back when he lived in the states. they were utterly lovely. julien’s host mum does tarot, so i had my cards read over brunch at gail’s. very quite interesting. ever since, i’ve been working, reading, and just getting sorted whatever i can get sorted.

as for the task; i actually ended up completing it last sunday, after i wrote the post. marco messaged me with the information that he’d be over much earlier than expected, in fact, in an hour and a half after my receiving the message. as i mentioned, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and with the prospects not too good for tuesday, when we were originally going to have our picnic, i suggested to spontaneously have it that evening on my roof (oh, how i shall miss it). with the decision to have the picnic that night, the preparations began. i obviously hadn’t prepared and bought the required groceries, so what followed were 90 minutes of frantically trying to cook with whatever i had laying around. a roll of frozen puff pastry provided the base for a variety of different quiches (marco’s without courgettes, but extra cheese), fresh fruit was chopped into a fruit salad (all rainbow-y in a mason jar #instaworthy), a pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and ricotta, and lastly, a lovely concoction of garlic, new potatoes and green beans. marco kindly picked up some bread and things to put onto said bread (it’s safe to say that we had more than way too much food), so finally, we had ourselves a fine picnic ready to be devoured. we ended up making it onto the roof just as the sun was setting, and if it turned out to be the last time i ever stepped foot onto that roof (which it won’t), it’d be a worthy goodbye.

Photo 09-04-2017, 18 51 12.jpg

the bulmers ended up spilling all over my kitchen floor. yay for stickiness.

i hope you’re well and i look forward to my new task, and reading what you’ve been up to.

yours truly,



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