update (yeah, not really) and task eight for gioia

my dearest,

well done on your spontaneous picnic – the food looked and sounded yummy and i would have loved to be there for you. i will subtract some points for not going anyplace new, which was half of the task, but who’s counting anyway?

the 5th of may, that sounds very real and concrete! that’s in less than three weeks! (sorry if i’m making you nervous.) zone 6 hin oder her, i’m looking forward to seeing you settle into the new place…interesting times ahead. (speaking of times ahead, you must tell me more about the tarot reading when we next speak!) and speaking of new place, there’s also an old place to leave behind. i of course forgot to properly say goodbye once again, but i’m guessing both i and the flat shall survive. anywhoo, let’s get your new task out of the way before i tell you a little bit about my past week. it’s not particularly challenging (i’m saving those for another time), i hope that’s ok. you’ll probably be busy enough with organizing things, anyway. but before you do go and leave old kilburn high street, i’d like you to grab all the blankets, pillows, quilts, towels and throws you can find and build yourself a fort. somehow thinking of packed boxes and moving in combination with taking a walk in the forest and seeing huts made out of branches and leaves brought upon the longing for a comforting hut. and comforting is always good, no? make it the best fort you’ve ever built, alright?

so, my week. or rather weekend, because on thursday evening, that’s what technically started. i say technically because i spent sunday at work and today (easter monday means it’s still the weekend, i think) working on various other projects, i.e. portfolio work. howeeeever, i did spend two days in the mountains, which felt very much like a weekend thing to do. as you know, mom and andi bought a holiday place in the mountains and this past weekend i joined them there for the first time. i can’t wait for us to go together sometime, the night sky is reason alone! grosi (yes, that grosi) was also there, so the first thing we did when i arrived on friday was take a lengthy walk to explore the surroundings. the view is just breathtaking and we couldn’t help but “ooh” and “aaah” every time we came around another bend in the path.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

not THE house, although i sort of wish it was

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

saturday was spent relaxing in the house, eating far too many chocolate eggs and taking another walk, this time quite the adventurous one, leading over steep fields and tiny rickety „bridges“. we ended the day with some ice cream and then i made my way back to zurich. and for once surviving is really the right word; the aerial tramway (i know, i know, but apparently that’s the english word for the thing) thing was swaying quite a bit on its journey to the valley station and even though the view from all the way up in the air was breathtaking, i couldn’t help but feel glad when i had made it safely down.

i hope you had just as many  (or more, of course)  chocolate eggs as i did – i hear the minieggs deliveries haven’t stopped, so that’s good.




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