update and task nine for rahel (and gioia)

hello old friend,

i am writing to you for the penultimate time from this flat. isn’t that crazy? i still cannot believe i’ll be moving in a week and a half. jesus. so by the time i give you your next task, i’ll be sitting in another bed. or at another desk. or on another sofa.

as for my week, a lot of it has been taking care of administrative stuff. we FINALLY received the tenancy agreement (to be signed later tonight when marco is over in a grand ceremony) at long bloody last. my current landlords, however, remain an absolute pain to try and work with. i still cannot get over the fact how unprofessional people can be. oh well, we’ll soon be rid of one another. on monday, marco came over, and was promptly surprised by a new boardgame i got, called, 7 wonders duel (based upon the board game classic 7 wonders, of which, i am certain, you have heard plenty of times before (as if). we’ve only played it once thus far, but it’s already a strong contender for both of our top 3 (in fact, it’s ranking 8th on boardgamegeek.com, our trusted site for boardgames). anyway. i digress. tuesday was another date day, planned by marco. we started off by visiting the current special exhibition at the natural history museum, all about butterflies. well, basically, a massive tropical tent filled with butterflies, some of which rather keen to sit on one’s jumper and never leave. after we had sufficiently marvelled at all the colours, we ventured to our next activity, a boat ride on the lake in regents park (basically what marco had planned on doing since our first date. which was in january, and therefore not really boat-appropriate). we were the only ones who chose a more traditional rowing boat rather than a pedalo, being the classy fucks we are. after some (more or less) idyllic rowing, we made our way to the last activity of the day (tasting some jalebi on the way, which is pure sugar and fat and bright orange, and was exactly what we needed), consisting of laser tagging, at the dodgiest of abandoned warehouses. we were teamed up with three early-teen-girls (who proved to be utterly useless in our quest to vanquish the opponents) and a dad of two boys, who joined a group of early-twenty-frenchies to try and beat us. which they did. by a long shot. the battle was very intense, but also good fun (despite the fact that i’m not too into the general idea of “war games”). the date ended with brunch, because fuck social conventions.

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the rest of my week was unspectacular. i worked, organised, met paulina for a spontaneous pizza dinner, and tried to get everything sorted for my move. oh, the hours i spent on hold on the phone. tomorrow, (in fact, at 4 in the sodding a.m.) the mister and i are heading off towards the mystery location for our anniversary trip (i shan’t mention it at the very off-chance that marco will suddenly decide to catch up on the blog (as if). i all packed, totally fulfilling my birthday-list-point number 18, telling my to stop overpacking, for i am travelling with my black backpack only. i am very proud.

as for the pillow fort: it has yet to be built, but fingers crosse for it happening tonight.

and now to your new task. or ours, really. for the next two weeks (and however long it takes), i challenge us to start continuing reading “middlesex”. there is no set time we need to finish it by, we can just take it one chapter at a time, but i think the time has come where we need to tackle this task, what do you think?

i hope all is well, i look forward to reading your erotica (offer: if you read it to me, i’ll get marco to record another podcast), and i miss you dearly.

yours ready to move-ly,



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