task eight not yet completed

my dearest,

i’m going to be honest with you; time caught up with me this past week or, more accurately, must have passed me by at the speed of light, without me noticing that it would do so and i’m very sorry to say so, but i wasn’t able to complete the task in time. i do however promise that by the time you get one of the two albums back, there will be a piece of erotica in there, written by yours truly, just for you.

yay for tenancy agreements & new board games (i expect that there will be at least one gaming session during which you try to explain the rules of said newly bought board game (maybe like that one time we “played” chess? let’s hope it’s more successful…)) & rowing boats & butterflies! i hope you’ve safely arrived and have already done some exploring.

once again there’s not much i can tell you, my past week consisting of more cinema work than usual and also a great deal of other, uni-related, work. saturday was my day off, which i enjoyed thoroughly and which was over much too quickly for my liking. it started with breakfast at huttihood (the unofficial name for daniela and julia’s flat), including a smoothie, apple compote, guacamole and arugula, amongst other things (yes, it was somewhat improvised). i realized how much i like arugula and basically topped my bread with nothing else. after enjoying the sun on the balcony, i left the comforts of huttihood and ventured into the city, on a quest to finally buy myself sunglasses. not before discovering the cutest alleys and shops, all hidden away and unbeknown to be previous to this weekend, though. and the most beautiful fountain. not that the fountain is particularly pretty, but there were flowers! on the water’s surface!

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

Photo 22.04.17, 14 25 42

nora joined me and thank dumbledore she did, as i would have been completely lost without her guidance concerning shape, color and whatnot. i tried my way through the various different sunglass models and eventually managed to reach a decision (wasn’t easy, though. both nora and the clerk were very patient, fortunately.). and then i hopped onto the train and made my way to basel to the bookclub meeting, which you of course already know all about, seeing as you were part of it. it was back to zurich after deciding on a new book – and thus ended my blissful day of freedom.

i just heard, the böögg exploded in less than 10 minutes. looks like we’re going to have a good summer!




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