update and task nine for gioia

my dearest,

how’s the packing going? and how was your weekend with tanika?

i finally managed to cross one major thing off my to do list today, namely sending off applications for an internship! even though it’s not all of them (the english ones have yet to be written), i’m one tiny step closer and my mind feels a bit more at peace right now. the rainy weather might be gloomy, but today it was the perfect thing to keep me at my desk, adding the finishing touches to the portfolio and coming up with subject lines.

most of my weekend was once again taken up by uni and cinema work, but saturday evening was the glorious exception and boy was it special! a few months ago nora informed us about her birthday plans, asking us to mark april 29 in our calendars for an evening of adventurous theater going. and adventurous it was! during approximately 90 minutes, we took part in scavenger hunt theater to help adam find his way out of paradise. i don’t even know where to start and i’m convinced i’ll probably fail miserably at my attempt to explain what it was that we actually did, but i’ll try anyway. in a group of six we stumbled through a part of basel i’d never actually really noticed, throwing ourselves onto the ground and jumping behind large containers to evade zombies. we ran up parking ramps and down stairways in search of codes to unlock maps, followed the crows’ trails, gambled against old morten so he would give us the precious floppy disk and recharged our transmitter’s battery at the tree of life. imagine an escape room, set in the industrial quarter of basel and including the occasional actor giving you instructions or blocking the way. you would have loved it. (here’s an article on the actual “play” if you’re curious.”)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

being rewarded with birthday cake made the whole thing even better, of course.

that rather sums up the exciting parts of the past week. oh! one more thing. i am now the overly happy owner of a GA and very ready for a lot of train and boat trips through switzerland, some of which i hope you’ll join me for.

as for your task (i can’t believe it’s already my turn to come up with a task for you again)…since we’re already on a mission to resume the reading of ‘middlesex’, i’ll add a joint reading session to that. so let’s actually find time for a skype session and continue the read, together!

looking forward to getting a packing/moving update,




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