update and task ten for rahel

my dearest raher,
my god, it feels as though i haven’t written a blogpost in decades (it’s been just over a fortnight. but eh). i was lucky enough to catch you on sunday (or for us to catch one another), so you already know all about my weekend with tanika, the endlessly stressful and finally completed move, and everything in-between. 

it’s been a strange time those past few weeks, slowly trying to get to terms with the fact that i’ll be leaving kilburn and settle into a new home. well, already have. the former, at least. handing over the keys to a place i have called my own for the past three and a half years felt utterly surreal, and probably will continue to do so for a while. i had a final cry on the roof, and that was it. off i went, to start a new life in what basically is a village. marco only just moved in on sunday, and we set of for wales the morning after, so there hasn’t exactly been any time to settle in as cohabiting quasi-adults as of yet. after we spoke on sunday, i went to central to meet colin, andrin and alan (aka alain) for a nice slice of homeslice, and some intense yahtzee-ing in st. james’s. great times. 

monday, after yet another night of collapsing on the bed way before our regular bedtime, we set off to snowdonia. which is pretty much as magical as it sounds, albeit rather snowless this time of year (photos shall follow once i have more than silch reception. leeching off of marco again to post this). our abode is a little yurt, featuring a wooden stove (which marco has been operating with great expertise), and a little gas hob (on which two pots of potatoes are currently merrily boiling away, waiting to be halved, filled with cheese, wrapped in aluminium foil and thrown onto the fire the master fireman is tending to). the past couple of days have been spent marvelling at the landscapes all around (forests, fields, hills, the sea, i.e. everything one could possibly ask for), wandering about and exploring, stopping at every adorably tiny lamb we see (and there are plenty), playing board games (we sat outside playing a round of “ticket to ride” earlier today, and believe it or not, i got myself a tiny sunburn on the one part of my shoulder that was slightly exposed), and generally cosying up as much as we please. as i write this, we’re working on a siq bbq dinner, so that should be grand. 

task-wise, i’m happy to inform you that i have completed mine (as you already knew, seeing as you were present). moving on to your task. as every year, i’ve been getting tons of birthday messages (or their slightly less personal brother, the wall-posts) from people i haven’t spoken to in ages. that and a combination of your having told me a couple of weeks ago that you’d like to get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while leads me to this: your new task is to do just that; get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. it doesn’t have to be the person you mended. anyone will do. school friends, estranged pen pals, whomever you wish to get in contact with again. 
i miss you very much and cannot wait until we next travel together. 

much love,



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