update and task ten for gioia

my dearest,

apologies for the lack of post last week. i’m pretty much behind in everything that needs to get done and am only slowly catching up (or at least that’s what i like to make myself believe). was it last year in may that we didn’t finish our book? seems like may might be cursed. a propos cursed: i’m convinced that planning to go to a concert on may 12 is not a good idea for yours truly. i tried last year and i tried this year, but both concerts ended up taking place without me there. future rahel, take notice.

even though the concert on friday clearly wasn’t meant to happen for me, i had myself a very musically charged day yesterday. have i ever mentioned the frühlingstanz? basically, daniela has been raving about it for over a year now and after we decided not to go last year (opting for a weekend in the bündnerland instead because of the bad weather forecast (it turned out to be perfectly fine, of course)), it has been marked in our calendars for a long time. may 13, that is. yesterday. so at 10 am daniela, julia, nora and i found ourselves aboard the train to brig, sunglasses and raincoats (one needs to be prepared after all) in hand. the weather turned out be perfect and we spent the day sitting and chatting on a flowery field, sipping and munching good things and dancing barefoot. a party in the middle of nowhere to welcome warmer times? yes, please!


saturdays are definitely the highlights of my weeks right now – no uni, no cinema, a little space to breathe and do fun things. last weekend for example i took the train to bern, where i briefly visited the design festival together with alina and silu, seeking shelter from the pouring rain. why i still choose to wear my sneakers that haven’t been waterproof for a while now when the forecast tells me it’s definitely going to rain is a complete mystery to me, but there you go. anyway, what i really wanted to talk about was rhubarb. have you had the chance to make anything with rhubarb this year? if not, here’s your chance! it might not be a very challenging task, but seeing as i often forget to make all things rhubarb-y when i still can, here’s your reminder. crumble, tart, compote, risotto, whatever. having had a rhubarb-strawberry tiramisu last saturday, a compote on monday, sorbet on wednesday and muffins yesterday, i can guarantee you that whatever you decide to make, it’ll be worth it.





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