update and no task for rahel?

hello my love,
as i write this, i am sitting in the franco manca on good ol’ kilburn high road, with a bag of vegetables on my table, waiting for some free pizza. oh yes. with today being international vegetarian day, franco manca has a special offer, where, when one brings some veg to one of their branches (which is later to be donated (i opted for a nice medley of sweet potato, carrots, onion, garlic and tomato for a lovely soup), they let you choose a free pizza amongst all their veggie options (their special for the day, which i went for, is topped with organic tomatoes, baked potatoes with cherry tomatoes and onions, with some more dried tomatoes (tomatoes times three) and watercress pesto. yes, please). i have a rehearsal in kilburn anyway, so i decided to leave an hour earlier to get some free food and do a good thing all at once. oh, if life were this easy at all times. 

other than that, i actually have very little to tell you, mainly due to my new nightly voice messages to you. i quite enjoy doing them. it feels as though you’re just a bit more of a part of my life again. a thing i neglected to say in last night’s (i think i did at least), is that we finally received our new hoover and it’s so bloody much fun. remember when i got the steamer (which i demonstrated to marco the other day), and we both concluded that i am slowly but surely turning into a ’50s housewife? i actually am. 

also, have we somehow meddled up our task-ing rhythm? i feel like we have, seeing as we both set one another a task last week. how about this: i already bought some rhubarb on our massive shop yesterday, so i’ll try and make something with it until sunday and you give me a new task then? unless you’ve already completed yours, that is. either way, let me know. 
i miss you. 



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