task ten completed

hello again,

i spoke to you a mere few hours ago, and quite frankly, basically nada worth mentioning has happened in the meantime, but as promised, a random childhood memory to fill the space (that being said, i have no idea which baby gioia tale i should regale you with):

i’m almost 98% certain i have told you this before, but it remains a grand story. here it goes.

once upon a winter, many moons back (it must’ve been around 2004 or so), snow had fallen in switzerland. back then, my family and i lived in THE house, on top of a very steep hill which made up most of my way to school, called the erbeergraben (which, let’s be honest, is a pretty dope name for a street. it may not be fairhazel gardens, but hey. we take what we can get). like every thursday (or was it tuesday?), my then best friend vanessa and her sister came to have lunch at ours (her sister always took a detour to theirs before she made our way to our house, because it was the day of the week when her wendy arrived, and she clearly couldn’t bear the thought of having to wait even another hour to be united with a magazine so full of horses, the could’ve formed a band). we had school that afternoon, and with the ever so exciting snowfall, we thought it a great idea to sled down erdbeergraben. a very steep street. on plastic bags. yes, no actual sleighs were employed, nay, we planted our bums onto two empty shopping bags and off we sled. why my mum didn’t intervene remains a mystery. the ride was ever too short, and our unbridled laughter filled the crisp winter air, until we had made our way to the foot of the mountain (ish). we stood up, picked up our plastic bags, when suddenly vanessa noted her bum was feeling cold. the friction of the snow against the plastic bag had not only tore the poor thing up to shreds, no, it had also torn a massive gaping hole into the back of vanessa’s trousers. how she didn’t end up with ground down bum cheeks, and why my plastic bag and trousers held up, remain a mystery to this day. luckily, the lightness of prepubescence, allowed for fits of giggles for the rest of our journey to school, where vanessa found a friend with a spare jacket, which she tied around her waist for the rest of the afternoon, to hide an airy souvenir of what had been a ride to remember. the end.

ah, memories. in terms of rhubarb, i totes completed my task. i wanted to make something that lasts for a bit, so i opted for a rhubarb and ginger preserve with vanilla. i enjoyed a slice of seeded bread with some of the preserve and a bit of gruyère, and boy, oh boy, was it a treat. (i shall take a photo of the next one)

i hope the weather in zürich has suddenly become shit, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out as much.




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