task ten completed and task eleven for gioia

my dearest,

summer is here. today i left the house at 8 in the morning in a t-shirt. a t-shirt! no sweater, no cardigan, no nothing, just ma shirt. the last few evenings have been long and warm and apart from yesterday, i spent them out of doors. it’s unbelievably nice and i’m trying to soak up as much warmth as possible before it gets cooler again. don’t get me wrong, most of my days are still being spent inside (in fact, on friday afternoon we spent five hours in a darkened room holding our presentations. fun.), which is why being outside is even more of a treat. ice creams need to be eaten (hello, gelateria di berna in zurich.), campari oranges drunk, flea markets scoured (granted, wool sweaters do not necessarily need to be bought, but they definitely can be.) and cafés discovered. the past weekend was pretty lovely.

as you know, things concerning summer and what will happen after summer have started to become more concrete. i just realized last week that i will only be at toni for two more weeks. that’s crazy! i mean, i’ll be back, but not for a whole year. insanity. i’ve also been feeling very purgy these past weeks and have been trying to declutter my room a bit. the move to a new place (wherever that’ll be…) is nearing and i want to have enough time to get rid of everything i don’t want/need anymore. and i’ve been thinking that doing the decluttering in stages might not be the worst idea.

the title of this week’s post is quite a mouthful, due to the fact that i still need to let you know what your new task is, as well as letting you know that i’ve completed mine. messages have been sent and potential reunions are in planning. which brings me to your new task. i’m sorry it’s taken me a week to let you know what it is, i hope the fact that it’s japan-related is of some comfort. this one is quite open, it’s up to you what you make of it. try lots of new things. whether the things are foods or experiences is for you to decide, but i would like for you to document them in one way or another. taking a photo is fine, but maybe writing a haiku (your speciality) or having liam make a drawing (you can, too, of course) is even better…whatever you do, i’m looking forward to it!

with lots of love from summery switzerland to hopefully adventurous japan,




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