update and task eleven for rahel

my dear,

it’s crazy how the places we are currently finding ourselves in couldn’t be more different from one another; you’re in the vast swiss mountains, i’m in a two metre long capsule in the heart of osaka. how bizarre.

i am doing well with the task you set me. every day brings new experiences, foods, sights and people. let me take you to my first ever week (or five days, really) in japan, by the means of pictures:

after an absolute odyssey to actually get to japan (thanks ba), we certainly deserved this eight course dinner at a super hip seafood restaurant in the shibuya quarter of tokyo.

sakura ice cream, which somehow tasted like cinimini milk to me.

tokyo by night.

metro station.

the japanese don’t do toilets that jus flush. they play music to cover up the peeing sound and clean your privates with nicely tempered water afterwards. yes, please.

a reflection of the tokyo skytree.

one of my favourite meals thus far: sitting on the floor/tatami with a little griddle in the middle of the table (rhyme), one is brought a bowl containing a variety of meats, vegetables, etc. plus a dough, which one mixes up oneself, and then basically cooks a savoury pancake on the stove thing. greatly explained. it’s called okonomiyaki, and utterly scrumptious.

sö griddle

swanky exit of a mall. they’re everywhere. malls, that is. it’s like when we accidentally found oursevles in a multi storey car park. they always just pop up.

a tea house. where no tea is consumed. but geishas (i.e. maikos (under 21 and still learning) and geikos live/perform). did you know that there are only 300 actualy geishas in japan? and they’re all in kyoto, where tons of (almost exclusively asian) tourists rent a kimono for a day to feel like a geisha. we witnessed plenty of poor boyfriends having to stage photoshoots for their geisha’d up girlfriends.

temles and shrines.

temples and shrines everywhere.

a garden.

theye lanterns contain the names of sponsors, and not like i thought something super traditional.

some of the aforementioned pseudo-geishas.

matcha is everywhere. and i ain’t mad at it.

almost every restaurant has a plastic version of the dishes they serve displayed out front. 50% are produced in the same small factory and they’re very pricey.

a market.

some pretty darn grand ramen.

fushimi inari. where i thought we had already climbed plenty, only to find out we were on the first stop.

pre climb (and looking booby and jolly).

more gates.

some giant bamboo in arashiyama.

more bamboo.

posing with some japanes school girls on monkey mountain (more climbing, less gates). 

one of my touristy highlights thus far: kinkaku-ji, the golden temple. we visited at sunset and it was magical.

some of the many snacks we’ve besn tasting. the japanese like anything grape and micado-shaped. i shall give a top ten or so next week.

me having the time of my life petting TINY LITTLE BABY OWLS!!!!


there you go. a small selection. i could tell you so much more about how the train conductors bow each time they exit a car, about how japanese people seem to have a flair for running short distances and then walking again, and how they like explaining everything in great detail to us in beautiful japanese, when we clearly don’t understand a word of it. but osaka’s night life is calling.

as for your task, you already know about it. but it shall start official today, to get back on track: invent some creative non-cringey words that can be used to describe sexual encounters in swiss german.
hug the ladies from me.




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