task twelve for gioia

my dearest,

it’s been a whirlwind of a week! of two weeks, actually. right now is the first time in almost five days that i’m actually on my own, save the time i’ve spent in bed sleeping (which wasn’t all too much, either). the last week at toni came and went so fast that i have yet to fully realize what that means. not seeing the people i’ve been seeing on a daily basis for the next year, having to get used to a completely different schedule, no more mäxels (aka maxi cappucino) from chez toni, no more atelier gossip, no more rooftop lunches, no more late nights (with pizza deliveries), no more printing madness…apart from all the stress, it’s been a pretty fun two years of studying so far. fortunately, we still have our last year to look forward to and if i’m honest, i’m glad i still have a little bit of time before i have to work on that bachelor thesis.

far from now being a pro at coding, i did learn a lot during the last module (aptly called „digitorial“) – i think you’d be impressed. apart from the normal module, there were a lot of smaller things that needed to be finished and handed in, presentations to be held right up until the end on friday afternoon and some art basel related stuff that needed to get done. a propos, the preparations are in full-swing! as part of our prep-work for the fair next week we were questioned about the 76 projects that are going to be shown in the unlimited sector, given fire extinguisher instructions and were presented with our outfits (nothing in my life could have prepared me for the color reveal moment, nothing. i’ll be sure to send you a photo/snap/whatever of the combo, but be prepared, it’s ghastly.).

however, it hasn’t been all work and no fun, of course. friday marked the day jorina and corsin got married, which needed to be celebrated. jorina looked stunning in her grandmother’s wedding dress (and the growing bump beneath the dress made it so much better!). we chinked glasses, filled plates and plates of yummy food and let heart-shaped balloons fly over the roofs of basel. a very lovely early evening was continued when sophia, tani and i made our way to the imagine festival (located at the hafen this year) for some gundelach. yes, the very same one we saw at oya last summer. unfortunately, the crowd wasn’t as appreciative of him as then, consisting of mostly very drunk and very young teenagers. (i do realize writing that makes me sound even older than i already felt right then…) yesterday was made up of eating sophia’s waffles for breakfast, buying shoes, returning them and buying other shoes (fun times), a quick visit to the flea market on petis, art basel preparation and yet another short visit to the festival. not as musical as friday’s, but the scrumptious food made up for that completely. summer in basel is unbeatable, it truly is.

i’m very much looking forward to sharing some of that summery goodness with you when you visit in just a couple of weeks. in the meantime, i hope you’re enjoying the last days of your adventure. and, before i end this post without mentioning it, here’s your new task. set yourself some long-term goals. they can be anything on the scale between achievable and unrealistic, as long as they are things that matter to you. and then start working on them, right away. no matter how small the effort, it matters.

i miss you.



p.s.  some photos from our trip to feldis last week 🙂

Photo 03.06.17, 13 02 15

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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