task sixteen completed and a new chapter

my dear psnuk,

the year is over and the time has come to reminisce. as per my last task, i have compiled a list of some of my favourites of 2017. i have concentrated mainly on new discoveries and experiences rather than things that have been favourites for a long time and shall remain so (such as tangerines and yourself) it is by no means complete, and in fact, i plan on adding to it as more things come to me.

favourite gig: first aid kit at the zurich openair

favourite new country: japan

favourite song: “new rules” by dua lipa (maybe not my favourite, but certainly the one which has brought me the most excitement)

favourite new food discovery: ramen

favourite family moment: after hanukkah, when we all just sat on my sofa watching youtube videos and bitching.

favourite food re-discovery: spaghetti aglio, oglio e peperoncino

favourite literary surprise: city of thieves

favourite read in general: the illustrated harry potter series

favourite guide: theon greyjoy

favourite app: style book

favourite reunion: cora

favourite skinny dip: midnight in spain

favourite podcast discovery: the modern mann

favourite play: “much ado about nothing” at the globe theatre

favourite musical moment: performing “the sound of the underground” with lcv

favourite winter surprise: snooooooow in london

favourite tv show: broadchurch

favourite adrenaline kick: cliff jumping in mallorca

favourite game: twilight struggle. despite its complexity.

favourite snukandinski moment: sitting in the pouring rain on danish grounds waiting for the national (why do so many of our fave shared memories contain rain?)

favourite film: the room. all day, all night.

favourite “achievement”: running a 7k

favourite new condiment: chilli jam

favourite swim: in the blue lagoons in iceland

favourite natural remedy: härdöpfel wickel. because they’re so nice and warm.

favourite non-words: ieis and japonaise

favourite clothing item: my new muppet jacket

favourite mental challenge: taking a swedish class

favourite mode of transport: the overground

favourite night spent: in the yurt in wales

favourite new cooking skill: tempering chocolate

favourite sight: the northern lights

favourite major life change: moving in with marco

favourite home made sweet snack: toffee popcorn

i rather enjoyed surprising my family with a lil’ impromptu-ish visit, seeing you, seeing the ladies and just getting to spend some time at home before the travels await. i met liam’s girlfriend, went bowling, hung out with my mum wrapped in potatoes and coughed my lungs out. all in all, especially with getting to spend nye with the girls, it was a great ending to the year.

and with said end, comes a new beginning. and thus, a new project. (this shall henceforth be described for our readers, as you already know the plan). the both of us lack seriously in the department of classic films, and therefore decided to watch one cult classic every fortnight. one of us shall write a review and the other do any type of thing somehow related to what we just watched. pretty simple. here’s to broadening our cinematic horizons and plenty of peripeteia moments (basically plot twists. ‘cause i like those).

i very much look forward to embark on yet another journey with you (not just related to the blog), and watching our first flick tomorrow night.

happy new year (and i hope you have recovered from the prediction i wrote last year. i’m not sure i have)



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